Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Are You Doing?

You're literally saying that now. Last week, it was just, "Mommy, where are you?" but now you're stringing along phrases and sentences. And you were just a doll the whole day, you made your girl cousins look like brats. Hehe. Even Yaya cannot deny you anything because you're always so cute, always dancing, always misplacing Mommy, always telling them to "Come here, sit, walk, etc"

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hard Hit

You took a hard hit yesterday, darling. You can't imagine the fear Pappie and I had when you were oh so quiet and sad and and lethargic and sleepy after. When you were woozy enough to fall from the weighing scale, that broke my heart. Maybe you will know the same fear when you have children of your own...

But I want you to know, God willing that we could joke about what happened someday because you'd just really be alright, that Pappie would die a thousand deaths before he'd do anything to hurt you. I'm the meaner parent after all, the one inclined to spank. And he was oh so sorry and worried. Heaven knows how hard he'd be beating himself up over this. Like what he says, he will never forgive himself if the fall affects your development.

But you know what, Mommy will... because I know seeing you hurt is the last thing he'd ever want. And it could have as easily been Mommy accidentally hurting you.

And am writing this now because I want you to know we appreciate how much a trooper you are. You're playing as usual now. You even pooped, which suggests that you did manage to digest something despite barfing three times last night. Now, Mommy just really has to be strict with the small, frequent feedings so you won't barf anymore.

Oh and you got such lovely gifts for Christmas. Ninang Gang gave you a black and whiteboard with magnetic alphabet and numbers, Andie gave you a color palette set to learn your colors,you've gotten yoyos and a shirt, Momsy gave you a PJ set, Lolo gave cereals, and you got a dog each from Momsy and Ninang Ira. You're scared of Ninang Ira's gift though and doesn't appreciate it singing "What a Wonderful World"

You're now wearing the gingham romper that Ninang Ira gave you. You look so cute and innocent in it. So yeah, Merry Christmas little boy. We love you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sigh, Son

One thing am really happy about is the fact that you can also stomach ginger tea, which I believe helps us more than Ascof Lagundi does. I am hoping you won't progress to pneumonia, that this isn't a primary complex sign and that you won't be sick during the Holidays.

Oh and you also like uncooked chopped chinese cabbage.

I also told your Pappie that am sure you're going to fall off the stairs anytime soon because you've been trying to balance on that side ledge and you keep running and turning while on the stairs.


I know not everything is about me but I can't help but wonder if our daily struggles recently is also the reason why you're being extra violent and jealous of Ice. Poor ice is getting real abused by you. We've made an agreement with Tito Jun though that when you guys are about 5 or 6, we'd just really let you rough each other up. By then, your advantage over him wouldn't be that big anymore. Right now though, you can still literally push him around eventhough he can scratch, claw and hit right back.


You slept and woke up asking me for apples yesterday. I love that you love fruits!


You also exclaim, "Wow, delicious! Yummy" all the time now when you're eating. And I believe you said "hawaking" the other day. :)


When you ask me to sing in bed or when am putting you down for a nap, you're basically asking me to hum TUHOG NA BULAKLAK. You'd usually hum along at first then drift off to sleep.


I really love you, Baby. I really, really do.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Updates and Updates

I can't believe I haven't updated this for almost a month!

Anyway, darling son, you have been your usual handful self but you're really more verbal now. Last Friday, you even gushed over one of the gifts you got at PPA and said, "Beautiful!" :) Now, you say that all the time after saying "Wow!" :)

Oh and everybody adored you at PPA because you were happy as a lark, kept dancing and running and shrieking, kept posing for pictures...

You spent the whole day with pappie yesterday but danced with Mommy a lot last night. And now, you're sleeptalking a lot more.

This afternoon, you started poking Nemo and getting his stuffing out. So yeah, you may never hug him for a long time.

Sometimes, i'd have very difficult days. I think it's because we've both been busy, Pappie and I, so you feel your days are disrupted and cannot trust a routine. Plus, since Mommy has started working, she's either busier during the day or lacking sleep from working all night.

Our Christmas tree looks like a tornado went through it. I don't know where half of the trimmings are. Your constant plucking from it also convinced Mommy not to put it the Christmas lights. And after discovering that the Christmas boxes hanging from the tree were made from styropore, you starting making a mess of them at will.

Now, you're flinging popsicle sticks at Mommy as I type.

Earlier, we tried playing store. I gave you pretend money and asked for the peanut butter and you got the peanut butter back and asked for coins.

Oh and the carollers love you. Not only do you dance while they sing, you also can't wait to give them their coins. Of course, you hit some as you push the door open.

And yeah, recently, you haven't had a serious fall or bump. But there are days when I spank a lot. Well, the most is 3 times, because you were so contrary.

Oh, you've been attending lots of reunions with Mommy and Pappie.


And now, you in pictures:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Stories

Our weekend started with Mommy bringing you to the Anvil Booksale where you had so much fun disturbing the books, going through them, running about and shrieking. You also kept slipping from the chair and one time, you also had Mommy read you The Magical Violin book there and then.

Your eyes puffed a little from all the dust, and even the next day, your eyes still showed some puffiness.


While going through your new Barney book, Mommy was asking you to tell her where the cat is and told you that it's near the guitar. You said, "No guitar, mandolin!" :D Mommy couldn't be happier being corrected.


Last night, Mommy gave you the key from her Readers Digest subscription. Pappie heard you say something like, "I have a key, it will open a car." :) Pappie was amazed and Mommy asked you, "Yakee, what is the key for?" and you responded, "open a car!" :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


You've already had 5 bowls of cereal (not so much per bowl but still) while watching videos... you're turning into Mommy, snacking while watching!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinosaurs, Numbers and Alphabet

Mommy was amazed when you proved that you could identify the dinosaurs in your book. You at least can differentiate the coelophysis, maisaura, T-Rex, triceratops, gigantosaurus, brachiasaurus, prenocephale and velociraptor. At first I thought you just memorized their position in the pages but you could still point out the right one when we look at the back page, proving that just like with the instruments, you can spot the distinctions.


You could sing the alphabet song but can't really identify letters yet. But you're always trying to imitate the fingerspelling diagram that Mommy posted beside your changing table. So now, you can do A, B, C, F, L and O. For some reason, you really still can't do the V sign. But no matter... your hand dexterity is still developing anyway and it's enough that you're learning.


Mommy and Pappie were surprised that you actually can chant from 1-10. We found this out when you recited it while we were going down the stairs last night. You also sometimes pretend you're counting and can get to 5 so it's also just really a matter of time before you can actually count.


We understand your verbalization half the time. I am excited with the WHy phase coming up.


You weirdly ate two cupcakes at the wake last night, even after having supper. And you ate rice and chicken after we got home.

You also tried climbing up the coffin and tried supporting yourself with one of the coffin handles. Disaster. We went home immediately after that lest the coffin falls on you, and Lolo Rudy's corpse comes out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Smart Baby

It is not immediately apparent what the milestone is in this picture. But look closely and you'll see that my darling son put most of the trumpet-looking things together... and the flute-looking things together. He also put the accordion, glockenspiel and xylophone together while at the other end, he put the organ and reed organ near each other.

It's not perfect but it shows that he's establishing order and able to make associations already. Not to mention that he knows most of the names of these instruments (whether you ask him where something is, or ask him what picture you're holding). The things that confuse him and still won't register are glockenspiel, violoncello, cornet a piston, etc and that's okay, we're not hard to please.

Sometimes, I can't help but worry that my son still cannot identify letters, for example, like other 2 year olds. But times like this remind me that he knows other things and is not necessarily behind. I am so proud!


You have acute otitis media now my darling... Mommy is sorry if she failed in some way somehow. But Mommy is also blessed that you're generally cooperative when it comes to taking meds. I love you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Note for Mom

You slipped twice and bumped your head twice on the floor during the weekend. Saturday and Sunday. I'm making note of this in case you get particularly wonky.

And poor baby still had colds so you really couldn't do your underwater antics because you couldn't breathe right. But you still had so much fun, it was sinful.

And tonight, because Mommy isn't feeling well, you did not insist on your stories and meme and slept on your own. Mommy loves you for it. Mommy is very thankful.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Awawa Boy

Sunday, three of your fingers got caught in one of Maxime's doors when Momsy shut it and I let go of your hands to turn off the light inside the car. Took you about 10-20 seconds before you started crying. And you hated dipping your fingers in cold water... or holding ice.

But at the Church, you feasted on quail eggs, using your injured hand. Later on, you were supporting your body using both hands to swing yourself. I knew then that you'd just be fine.

Monday night, Pappie hit you with one of the car doors... on the face/forehead. But you didn't cry.

I also saw you balancing yourself on the edge of the sofa while watching Momsy sweeping.

Seriously, my son, I am sure other parents will consider you a nightmare of a son because of your exuberance, curiosity and spirit.

Lolo says that you're that way because you're making up for all the activities your father didn't do when he was young. After all, he stayed put for hours wherever you put him. he was that behaved. And that your kind is better compared to quiet, shy, sensitive and sickly babies.

Now, you're sick with coughs and colds. And for some 20 minutes, we were holding a control contest in the CR where Mommy was trying to wash you, and you insisted on throwing tantrums. Nobody won and we both felt ugly and exhausted after. But at least you ate your lunch and I got you to sleep.

Mommy is sorry if she doesn't always have a long fuse. If she doesn't always understand. But Mommy loves you so much. Always. In all ways.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Slipping twice on the ground in Lipa did not hurt you.

Falling in a hole then down, did not hurt you.

Tripping several times did not hurt you.

Slipping on the floor, and falling down to bump the back of your head did not hurt you either.

But without us knowing, you really hurt yourself. Enough to keep crying everytime you'd remember it. Enough to cry and cry again everytime you attempt to pick something up. Enough to really not leave Mommy's arms again the rest of the night. Enough to sleep fitfully in the car and sleep again immediately once Mommy put you to bed.

Pappie and Mommy don't know what really happened. But I guess this is the first of many times when you'd really hurt yourself without us looking. Because you're growing up and not a baby anymore.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday Boy in Pictures

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shots Time

Yesterday, Mommy finally brought you to your pedia again for your Hepa A shots. The doctor found you behaved since you'd put back the dusty teddy bears Mommy would ask you to put back. And you sat on Mommy's lap willingly, allowed the doctor to use his stethoscope on you and looked him straight in the eye while he was injecting the shot.

Plus, you did not even cry and insisted only in being allowed to wash your hands.

He asked Mommy if you can do these things and I said YES to all of them:
1) go up and down the stairs unaided
2) pull down your own pants
3) remove your shoes
4) know 50 words at least

So the verdict was, you're just growing beautifully. He was a little concerned that you did not gain much weight in six months but seeing you gained enough considering the entire year, all was well. He did advise Mommy to wean and just feed you more. I told him we don't have problems feeding you right but you're just way too hyperactive.

Mommy felt validated :) And am really happy you're growing so well.


The tantrums came back again after the weekend but so far, we've been good. I still have to put up with a lot of scratching and crying but you're still pretty manageable.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Breath of Fresh Air

Weirdly enough, after you turned two, you haven't been as annoying and terribly tantrumy.

You did fall out of the bed this morning. And you tried drinking milk through your nose.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Secure, Insecure

At the church yesterday, you engaged a boy your age to play. Basically, you guys just kept laughing, running and trying to touch each other. One time, however, you guys bumped each other. You immediately approached me with a sad face, and I could see you fighting back tears. I know you must have felt threatened rather than gotten hurt actually. But you did not really cry and you immediately left my arms to start approaching the boy again.

The other boy, however, was scared to go anywhere near you anymore. And because he wouldn't come near you anymore, you kept pointing at an area and kept signing "go".


During your sleep, you woke up crying. When you realized that my back was to you, you cried all the more and sat up, and started turning my head back to you. I thought you were going to ask for milk and was ready to remind you that it wasn't morning yet. So I turned towards you. You hugged me and fell back to sleep... with your back turned to me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yakee, Yakee, A Lot Contrary

You have not woken up in a good mood for days now. And all the time, you're a lot contrary. I can't even begin to meet your needs because you don't even know what you want anymore.


I know part of this is because you had some cake and ice cream. I'm blaming sugar rush. But I think it's more because you're officially turning TWO and this is some kind of growth spurt/milestone thing.

Still, I love you. Advance happy birthday my darling.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stressful Weekend

Let's start Friday. We brought you to the Intelicare pedia to consult your noisy breathing. Since you're active (hyper even), do not have fever, coughs or colds, and the noisy breathing was not present at the time of consultation, we were advised to just observe you and salinase you at night.

Because Mommy was happy, we shopped for groceries while you ate a waffle while riding in the cart. Then I gave you some Yakult. Then we went to Mangan and you loved the fried cassava strips and then later, the sago't gulaman. Then you refused to come home with us because you loved dancing with the blinking Christmas lights.


Saturday, typhoon Ondoy came upon us.

At first, Pappie was texting me that he was entertaining you by letting you run after cockroaches as they seemed excited by the rains. And then, the other house started getting flooded and you were excited about it. So much so that you slipped twice in the flood.

When flood waters started seeping into our home, you were excited yet again and before I knew it, you had slipped for the 3rd time. What's worse, you fell face down and Mommy's head was pounding from the worry of you getting sick. What if you accidentally drank some of the water? How could we rush you to the ER?

After that, we refused to let you sand on the floor and it upset you so. The only thing that will stop the crying was walking with you all over the ground floor so you can ejoy the water being sloshed by our feet.

And when we finally allowed you to stand on the floor after the water was gone and we've cleaned it, you were absolutely ecstatic. I'd imagine you thought it felt like being allowed to walk again.


Mommy left you alone for a while to get your dinner last Saturday night. You must have gotten impatient and started playing with the door knob, accidentally locking yourself in. Tita Ninang panicked and started screaming and Pappie also panicked. Mommy wasn't really worried because although she knew you were scared, she also knew you were somewhere safe. Fortunately, because you're a relentless kind of person, you managed to unlock the door on your own.


You fell down the stairs at past 7 PM Sunday night. Good thing you were able to grab onto the railing and Mommy was able to catch your face as you fell so you really only hit your knees on the steps. You cried, but I feel mostly because Mommy screamed.

But all these things were not enough to make you listen to us. I think too much excitement has also made you more hardheaded than usual.

Friday, September 25, 2009

3rd Haircut

Picture will follow.

Anyway, you were sooo behaved at the parlor this morning darling. You just sat there, with your face so serious, not daring to move. You never smiled but you did wave goodbye to the one who cut your hair. And this is your cheapest haircut yet!!!

Next cut will be at the local barber's okay? :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

Mommy found this P35 board book at Booksale. Little Drummer Boy seems to really appeal to you, validating Mommy's intuition. You asked me to read it to you early this morning when you woke up. Then you went back to sleep again.

It's perfect for the upcoming Holidays as well.


You're loving Pappie's pasalubongs so much that I worry you might be getting spoiled for them. For two nights now, you'd eat your dinner fast because you wanted to get the chocolate and cake :)


Your grandparents and titos and titas all loved your Rockstar videos :) Lolo Indo is even asking for more and everyone's telling us to cultivate your natural interest in music :)

You also love Barney and Kidsongs sooooo much these days.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Updates

Youstartled a crew in MCDo whenyou came rushing out to greet me, without your father noticing that you've gone from the playground. You were even barefooted. And just before going, you bumped your head in the slide.


People at the Manila Book Fair thought you were a girl.


I bought you a new pair of shoes yet again. They only cost P200 anyway. And you were happy running after the remote control cars.


At Momsy's, you jumped from the bed to the floor without falling down. Several times. Your balance is really, really awesome for a 2-year old.


Everybody was amazed at your guitar-playing videos. Mommy should enhance your stimulation, Lola Auring said.


Ninang Ira did your hair in pigtails and you loooked exactly like Mommy. If ever you have a sister, that's how she'd look like!


Pappie couldn't bear NOT buying you that bubble gun. Now, we have to make our own bubbles so you'd have plenty to use.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The happiest something I want to document is the incident last night when I told you to get Pappie to read to you your Charlie Bird book. Not only did you remember that we took it down with you yesterday morning and that you hid it in your table, but you really knew which book I was referencing to.


You were delighted with your musical instruments chart. And also with your drum this morning.


You managed to get to your changing area by climbing over the chests. Mom was upset while you were doing it but Mommy cannot deny how limber you are.


We have a video of you playing with your guitar and improvising by tucking a hanger in your Pappie's luggage to use it as mic. Unfortunately, you were stark naked so we cannot post it on Youtube. Towards the end of the 3-minute video, one can distinctly hear you singing E-I-E-I-O :)


Your recent fave phrase is, "Mommy, see me" meaning, to look at you. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


You pulled out the keys from your toy guitar... so you can insert one in the keyhole of our main door. :)


Thank you for accompanying Mommy to the doctor last Friday, baby. Mommy's chagrined by the fact that you licked the rails of my bed and got a nasty bite and ate up all the gravy in your Fun Shots that resulted in tummy troubles the following day... but all in all, and even considering you laughing at Mommy with her brown bag, you were a trooper!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stress Eating

I think God somehow told you that you need to fill up on solids because something's going to happen to Mommy.

Yesterday, you woke up before 8 AM. You had porridge. While I was gone, you had two spanish breads, a banana and those Malaysian chips. When I got home, you were eating lunch of a bowlful of rice. And then you started eating the veggies on my plate and even nibbled on my chicken bones. And then you had breastmilk, of course, as you took your afternoon nap.

After waking up, you had KFC Fun shots (you ate an entire box yourself and even licked the gravy). Then yogurt. Then dinner or rice and veggies. Then a whole sundae.

Which was why you slept through the night and didn't require milk from Mommy.


Today, you had lunch and Yakult. Then you ate an entire apple. Later, you will have dinner and yogurt again (so you won't get constipated from the apple). Hopefully, you won't rage so much about not getting milk.

I'm so proud of you darling. And it hurts Mommy not being able to breastfeed you.


You also had milk and a cookie before I brushed your teeth. Yey.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cutie Cousins

This pic was taken about two weekends ago. It always makes me feel all warm and senti when I watch you play and bond with your cousins. And you guys are really lucky for having these moments documented well.

Grow up friends, little ones, grow up friends.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Too Cute for Words

In the words of Momsy, you looked like you were going to go a-courting someone. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Curious Yakee

Wednesday night, as I was preparing your bath and Pappie was packing, guess who peed on the floor... and in the course of me getting a rag to wipe it up, dipped his fingers in the pee and tasted it.

Guess, Baby, guess. Clue: that little boy has a bump between his eyebrows right now from falling face flat on the floor from running after balloons.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boat Ride

It's your first boat ride in an amusement place and someday, I hope you thank Pappie for being game because you both got so wet here. But you loved it. And we love you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bubbly Bunso

You ate an entire cob of corn again yesterday. And all this long weekend, people have marveled over your appetite, and the fact that you really like feeding yourself. You squashed and got so excited over Lianne's rabbits (KC and Chloe), kept staking your claim over the organ, kept making everyone laugh, kept dancing and singing and responding when you're not the one being talked to.

Momsy and Ninang Ira gave you your first licked bowl experience... it was a bowl of cocoa powder and butter or the fudgies that we were making. You loved it.

And you loved being able to wash your own hands at Momsy's, just by pushing a chair to get to the faucet.

And you ran like the wind all over Heritage Park, and enjoyed watching planes pass by, and entertained guests by dancing when a woman sang. And you looked so cute and wonderful in your outfit.

And lately, you're fairly content with short naps... but still really love napping in the car.

Mommy and Pappie couldn't have been more prouder.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


In a word, you are a HANDFUL.


Nobody can keep up with you. And you're lucky your aunts dote on you because you can sometimes be really mean with Iya, who is very patient with you. Well, we all know that you don't know better. And you do have your shining moments of real sweetness and cuteness that you are easily forgiven.

You like going up and down the stairs again, and find it utterly funny to be able to hold onto the handrail and not just the side ones.

You like getting water from the jug and getting us to drink it.

You like pouring liquids in cups. And you have a taste for Yakult again.

You are addicted to the Brainy Baby "Sounds" and "Music" videos. Or Curious George.

And last night, without any prompting at all, after seeing that Mommy brought ice cream, you giggled in glee and signed THANK YOU.


Mommy spanked you real hard today/yesterday because you tried climbing up the stove to see your eggs being cooked. You could have been scalded and burned and Mommy was absolutely terrified. I think you were surprised by being really spanked and hearing Mommy scream that way that you didn't cry much and absolutely kept quiet for several minutes. You also stayed where I put you.

And when Mommy was apologizing and explaining, you just kept kissing Mommy and saying "Okay".

And you were sweet and manageable all the rest of the day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Difficult Day


You started the day by crying and throwing a tantrum as early as 7 AM, when we're still in bed and I was nursing you.

You refused everything I offered you, but later ate the porridge we bought. You only willingly ate because you were watching cartoons with Ice.

And then you nursed while I told you your birthing story... and fell asleep. But some sort of radar you had told you that Mommy's breast is no longer in your mouth so you woke up and got upset, even with Mommy beside you. After thirty minutes of throwing a tantrum, you did sleep on your own. For two hours.

After that, you were your usual happy self till you woke up after your late afternoon nap. Again, tantrums at not being able to play all you want with the faucet while Mommy was cooking. And just before your night bath, you were throwing cups and chair. You also bit Mommy's arm.


A milestone... you were able to open the latch in the screen door. Now we're really going to have a harder time containing you at home.


Pappie bought you a replacement guitar last night and you broke the strings today.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wee Wee Trick

I let Yakee go without a diper last night for a while because he's going to take a bath soon anyway, for bedtime.

He spread his legs and I knew he was going to pee on the floor. He only peed a little, took two steps back, then peed again. And then he took two steps back and peed again!

And then he laughed, and as I was tugging him to me so he won't accidentally step on his pee, he ran away from me. And of course, he stepped on the first wee puddle and slipped.


I remember a friend's son finding it funny to pee on the stairs (from the top) so I guess, it's really going to be a while longer before I start potty training my wee one.


Nights are usually war time for us. I don't know it it's because he's turning two but really, he's trying my patience so much these days. No matter how sleepy he is, he refuses to sleep at night and insist on playing on the bed. So lately, he can be heard crying because I banish him from the bed till he really gets tired enough to sleep.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cake Reveller

Well, I guess the three-hour nap helped improve his move immensely. He barely had lunch because he was throwing tantrums, flinging food, and just really being difficult.

But anyway, after the nap, he was okay. And Pappie made nachos for merienda which he loved. Of course, he really only loves the tortilla chips and cheese sauce.

And then we had cake. This cake was made by Pappie last Friday at the Goldilocks event and it was only today that we got him to pose with it. After this shot, I got a thick slice for us all three to share. I also had the jelly, sugary tubes for decorating out and we taught Yakee to squeeze it on the cake.

Bad news for Mommy though... he loved the sugar flowers (esply the big, tangy ones) and at one point, he scopped up an entire layer of icing, put it in his mouth and didn't gag from all its buttercream goodness. Ouch! Pappie was shocked to see him eat Mommy's icing, and Mommy was sure he would spit it out because it's very rich... but alas, Yakee got Mommy's mocha cake toth after all (because he still generally doesn't like sweets).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bye to Cory, Baby

Pappie brought you to the corner of Quirino and OsmeƱa for Cory's funeral cortege. You marvelled at the doves, the number of people, and the helicopter. And then rain started falling hard just after Cory's truck passed and you pooped, so Pappie brought you home.

The excitement must have been to much for you because it took over two hours getting you to nap, and much tears and wailing, and a chair-throwing tantrum. Heck, you even threw yourself on the floor in front of the CR... hay...

But after your nap, you were your usual happy self. Howell, all's well that ends well, and you did get to say your goodbye to an icon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


You held out your hands to Ice to 'ask' him to dance. Then you did your signature hip-bumping.

It was the sweetest thing, my love. And then you and Ice spent some moments with your heads on the floor, looking at each other and just talking. Sigh.

It almost makes up for all the time you refuse to share toys with him, which is 90% of the time. Hehe.

Monday, July 27, 2009


About two months ago, I started listing down the words that Yakee says, babbles, understands and signs. It was hard because he generally responds to conversations already and I keep realizing that I forgot to include certain words in the list so in the end, I just stopped updating the list.

But for what it's worth, let me blog about those words. And some words he could sign, he could also say.


giraffe, zebra, butterfly, cow, chicken, duck, lizard, fruit, lollipop, chocolate, cake, pizza, drum, umbrella, xylophone, cup, sit, Ninang, Tito, Momsy, poop, pee, star, wash, smile


lion, bird, tiger, horse, monkey, bear, elephant, rabbit, dog, cat, fish, frog, juice, egg, apple, peach, pear, grapes, vegetable, ball, balloon, bubbles, bug, hot, cold, candy, flower, trumpet, telephone, towel, sleep, outside, car, spoon, fork, Mommy, Pappie, lolo, lola, milk, watch, book, cooking, cookie, banana, orange, dirty, clean, red, nice, wet, dry, happy, blanket, play, toy, yes, boy, girl, train, bus, boat, plane, bath, soap, cereal, color, cheese, tree, wind, rain, plane, goodnight, help

Now... he just really knows more words! And funnily enough, he speaks Tagalog (and in phrases) when we're at my in laws ("Di masarap, yoko nyan, etc") and still refuses to repeat "I Love You".

Ask him to say Goofy and he'd say, "Sfufi" :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sick Baby

He was a little down after eating at Don Vito, that last night in Boracay. But he was frolicking at the beach again the following day.

Then, Sunday night in Kalibo, he was already warm. Warm again Monday and then he started having 39-degree fevers Tuesday. The fever would go on and off, and now, the highest it's been is only 38. But i've had him massaged by Tita Evelyn and hope it was just really viral or pilay that got him. He's not nauseous and lethargic, he has appetite and plays, and I am actually allowing more TV so he'd stay seated for longer periods of time.

Meanwhile, i've finished uploading his Boracay pics. And meanwhile, he's at that stage when any little thing frightens him. Irrational fears that he never had before... now he'd even cry because of someone shouting in a commercial.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back Home

What you did the first hour you're home is go through your toys as if conducting an inventory if they're all still here. Mommy is sorry we didn't bring any of them with us, but I think your guitar makes up for all the days you went without them.

Now, please, stop running a fever baby.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boracay Trooper

Leave it to you to be the only toddler (sometimes, actually the only person) playing in the beach when the ocean is raging with waves and the wind is so strong that everywhere, establishments have put up storm screens.

Leave it to you to try eating sand just because you're delighted with them.

Leave it to you to be the only one actually enjoying the rain here in Boracay, and to be happy with puddles and flood and the frogs that accompany the rain.

Leave it to you to allow guides to carry you just so you can go into a cave, or go down a steep set of stairs on your own to go into one, and to relish swimming even though the water is cold.

Leave it to you to eat vegetable bread sticks while everyone in our boat were huddling close for warmth and to escape the heavy beating of rain and splash of sea... and then to fall asleep through it all, as if nothing was happening and we didn't have to leave the big motor boat for a small one. And that you could smile when you hear the word 'Jollibee' when everybody, including you, were dripping from the rain that was pouring down on us for hours then.

And to still not have a cold after days of rain and sea... and still have fun. You're really such a trooper darling, Pappie and Mommy are so happy.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Missing Your Shaved Head

Everybody's been commenting about your hair, how long it already is, how unruly, how weird. And last Saturday, we realized that if your "buntot" goes to your right, your lolo Ruben's goes to his left. Hehe.

Oh, you kept stepping on lolo's foot that was swollen with gout when we visited him in the hospital. But he loves you so he didn't mind much.


Pappie is worried that you'd be a handful in Boracay. And he was asking me why you're already "terrible" when you're not even two. I told him that you've been fairly advanced socially, verbally, physically so it isn't a surprise that you are one raging independent, curious, overactive boy now. I should keep you away from sweets though if we're to manage for five days in Boracay...

We love you. We're struggling with you but we love you. And we wouldn't have it any other way because you are a cute, healthy, smart, loving, lovable kid.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Funny Boy

Yakee was fascinated to watch Mommy blow her nose. He even immitated Mommy. But when Mommy started picking on her nose to clean it further, Yakee was aghast, horrified, scandalized. He began wagging his finger at me and saying "No, no, no!" :)

When I wouldn't stop, he started pulling my shorts. Hehe.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jollibee Uh-Oh

Last Saturday, we had my sister and her boyfriend bring Yakee to Jollibee to eat breakfast while hubs and I attended the Pedia Talk.

This morning, Yakee woke up when I was about to take a bath because I was going out. He was actually jolly enough and the minute he was downstairs, he started going for the door, wanting to go out and saying "Jollibee" again and again.


I was tempted to give them money for Jollibee but hubs reminded me it won't be a good practice. Anyway, buying lugaw was diversion enough. I guess he just really liked going out.


Despite some tantrums when you're uber sleepy or you want to play, you've been pretty mellower lately, baby Yakee. Love you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad Behavior

Because you were upset, you turned on Ice and pushed him so hard that he landed on the floor from standing up. And there was a loud thump as his head hit the floor. The good thing was, it seems he wasn't really THAT hurt because a short trip outside in the arms of his mother calmed him down readily and he still wanted to play with you after.

I spanked your bottom. I also slapped your hand. Not that hard, but I hit you still. Mommy was so angry and ashamed of what you did because someone was hurt (your aunt just couldn't really get angry with us but am sure she was seething) but most of all, Mommy was actually angry and ashamed of herself for not being more attuned to you to catch such tantrums. And Mommy is struggling with the disciplining bit. She is trying to be as consistent as possible and I guess it's natural that you will rage against it initially, or sometimes, but the tears are always hard.

I'm sorry I hit you. I'm sorry I am not a better Mom. I'm sorry but I will continue to let you cry sometimes because I have to raise you valuing what's good.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Official Reprimands

The first was when you were banging a spoon on one of the chairs in the foodcourt at Divisoria Mall. A lady guard approached and told you sternly that what you were doing was prohibited, before turning to us, your minders.

The second was yesterday. You were wandering near the altar just before Jaden's christening and one of the ladies in charge of the proceedings took your arm to lead you back to the pews. She had to do this twice.

Mommy was half-embarrassed, half-amused.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hitting Mommy

Mommy knows you're usually just frustrated. And though we haven't made a habit of spanking and hitting you to discipline you, we've still done it enough times for you to maybe think it's an acceptable way to express yourself.

Lately, when Mommy refuses to let ypu continue nursing (basically because you're just playing anyway), you sometimes tend to hit. One night, Pappie saw you doing it. I was conversing with you, reminding you that doing that won't get you what you want and would further make Mommy ignore your pleas. Pappie asked me if he did that often. I smiled to myself because I felt the need to lie to protect you and defend you, but I told him the truth and explained you the best way I can.

Pappie said he's going to spank you for hitting me. Because it breaks his heart to see anyone hurting me, even if you're not hitting me hard.

Now, Pappie may sometimes end up hitting you or spanking you because you're getting carried away with the aggression. But do know this, Pappie loves me so much, not even you are allowed to lay a hand on me.

You are very lucky that way. Someday, you will realize how so.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Future Engineer?

It seems my son has been reinforcing the supports of our stackable tray (those multi-level plastic trays) by shooting pens down the hollow supports. I thought it was a new thing he did, but when I got the pen he slipped there today, I saw 6 other pens!


Left baby to Ninang's care last night. We got home at past 12. Heard he had crackers and milk before bedtime. Poor darling, he really gets driven to eat more when am not around.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Divi Trip

It was raining and there is the swine flu scare. But Mommy still thought it a good idea to bring you and Ninang Gang along to Divi. And you loved being out. And you loved running around the Duvisoria Mall foodcourt.

Mommy's glad you're not allergic to seafood, and enjoyed the misua soup with the squid, shrimp and halaan ingredients.

And you were in ecstasies when we were at Anding's Toy shop... delighting over the balls and trying to open everything you can reach. Mommy bought you a drum set, a trumpet and a true-blue harmonica (that you insist she plays for you).


You started climbing the plastic drawer near the computer three days ago. On your own.


You're having a harder time to poop these days so Mommy decided to let you poop on your briefs. You said "Yakk" when you saw Mommy tipping your poop into the toilet bowl.


The drum lasted 3 hours before its surface was dented beyond saving. The trumpet was broken in two an hour after. So much for playing instruments. (Pappie loved the harmonica because it's the same model he bought when he was young)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Progress Report

Yakee had great fun at Momsy's again. He even went with them to buy cake at Conti's and buy food at Chowking, which took him away from us for at least two hours. While away, I heard he ate siomai and drank pineapple juice.


Because we seldom eat at proper times at the in-laws, Yakee was hungry during the trip to Tagaytay. So much so that he managed to eat almost an entire bushel of corn. He later on also had fun eating pineapples while dancing as we had dinner at the market.


He really loves icecream and loves strawberry ice cream. He can even eat around half of a strawberries and banana blizzard at DQ, much to his Ninang's chagrin.


He loves when I hum or sing Flores de Mayo hymns to him and usually falls asleep in no time.


He knows Amelia Bedelia and loves the Bedelia books, but he prefers the one with the
baby and loves pointing out the Dad in the book to me. He also knows Jesus and gets his Kiddie Bibble book when he wants us to 'read' about Jesus.


First succesful time that hetold us that he's going to pee before he actually did. He wouldn't go with the bowl in front of him though and preferred the floor. Actually, whenever I remove his diaper andputs him down, he's taken that as cue for him to pee.


Two areas where we've made pronounced progress is breastfeeding and sleeping. Half the time, when Yakee cries in his sleep and insists on nursing, I can tell him to go back to sleep without the milk and he would. Sometimes, he's even fallen asleep for the night without the milk (on the nights he wouldn't settle readily and has already nursed several times). Also during the day, when I know he's just bored or something, I can tell him to wait or nurse later and he'd go back to playing or running around. Of course, sometimes, there are tears involved. Hehe.


He's really growing long. I'm finding it awkward to have him in my arms, asleep, while travelling because he'd sometimes get in Pappie's way while driving.


He licked a flyswatter today. He ended up crying because he got scared of Tito Rocky's loud voice trying to stop him from what he's doing. But he still loves Tito because he gave him a remote control bug.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Building Forts

It's his big thing right now, building forts. Or rather, turning things into forts... like his rocker... or his cousin's bike. He likes it when I use his puzzle mats to make tents for him. It's really cute and weird for him to be into this thing this early... he even insists on having Pappie as a fort of sorts while watching TV. Makes him feel safe, probably.


He broke his first glass yesterday by throwing it on the table. My fault really because it was glass.


Spanked his bare bottom with my bare hand last night. Twas just one swat really, to make him pay attention. He was being too hyper, and this after he peed on my feet. What annoyed me was, after peeing, he touched his pee (and my foot) eh he was eating chicken nuggets.


I threw his poop into the toilet bowl before discarding his diaper. Then I flushed the toilet so he'd see his poop disappear. He started bending down to see where the poop went to. Funny :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Battles and Struggles

Two nights in a row, I had to take you out of bed because you refused to sleep. The first night, you cried for an hour before you allowed yourself to relax and sleep.

And you refuse to let go of the breasts again and Mommy has PMS, so Mommy suffered your crying this morning. You got exhausted in the end and slept with Mom's caresses.

I'm sorry we're having difficult days my son. I love you.


You learned about GREEN and BLUE yesterday.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Yakee's big thing nowadays is packing his toys away after he played with him, and returning most of the things he plays with. It's really nice when he does it without being told.


He kept dancing while we were having lunch at the Kapitana's house last night. He also kept dancing during the Novena and got quite upset that we left (offered) the flowers at the altar.


He slipped last night while about to drink his milk and ended up spilling the milk on the bed. I chose not to get upset about it and decided instead to take a picture.

You should have seen the surprise and confusion in his face after getting doused with the milk. Hehe. A N@Wie Mom said it best... our son has a great outlook in life for he doesn't cry over spilt milk. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marinduque Pics - Gabrielle Shots

dirty, dirty boy

always insisting to jump from this ledge

posing with cousins


another practice

on the water na

happy boy

beat this!

or this

epitome of fun with sand

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marinduque Pics - Hedwig Shots

hungry, he binged on cookies; he also kept dancing
during the trip

he played and tried drinking from
the snail/crab thingie

he quit swimming at the hotsprings
out of hunger

enjoying the adult treehouse

trying to go overboard to reach the water

having way too much fun

Rubeus Iakob Arevalo, tananatan, tanananatan...

you're cute!

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