Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Eat Ma Mon Luk Siopao

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yakee as Big Brother

I have been resisting the urge to update here, darling, maybe because it's going to make everything official. And no, it has nothing to do with your quality as big brother, because you're simply superb as one.


Anyway, of course, as expected, you were generally conflicted about Yamee when first you met him in the hospital. You found him cute and slightly interesting but you were more intent on playing with Iya.

Then, the following day, we had to ask that you not be brought to the hospital because Mommy was in pain, Pappie had a migraine and Yamee needed us. We just couldn't handle your exuberant spirit as well (especially since you and Iya were so noisy and playful at the OB ward) and we know that saddened you. I know that you looked for me and one time even refused to talk to Pappie but cried because you wanted to talk to me.

Oh, how I missed you that time, darling. I really did.

And then, of course, Lianne arrived and you had another playmate to interest you with. And then Mommy had the blues and you were confused why you had to start sleeping with us.

Oh... you also hit Mommy's cut at the hospital, just before she was being discharged. And you hit it again that first night you joined us to sleep. And then, in anger when Mommy was asking you what you wanted for breakfast. All unintentional and all confusing and painful for you.

And all those times you were hiding tears because I had to reprimand you for not minding Mommy's ouchie... or when I have to ask you to wait because I have to attend to myself or Yamee... those were bittersweet for me indeed. It pained me to see you dealing with emotions you don't understand, but I also love watching you grow up and learn to cope.


Some FB alerts involving you, and other snippets:

And yes, you insist his name is YAMNYOY... you first thought it up, in your usual make-up-words fashion, and the Arevalo clan seems to have reinforced it. Now, it's stuck!

When you saw Ninang Grace bing gigil to Yamee during our video call earlier, you said, "Ninang, you cannot eat him."

One time you told me that my stomach is small and I acknowledged that it is smaller. Then you said, "See, I can sit on your lap again." Awww

You will get jealous of the time we give to Yamee but you're very protective of him too. Nobody can 'ask for him' and no child can touch him w/o your permission. And you always introduce him :)

You always say Yamee is the cute one, and you're the handsome one.

You sometimes insist on holding Yamee's hand or foot but end up sorta pulling on them.

Everytime you see Yamee, you say, "Awww, he's so cute." And in darling voice too.

One time I asked Pappie to bring us to Quirino so you can maybe play, when you realized we were bringing you along, you shouted, "Yehey, I am going." :) This was after we brought Yamee for a checkup and didn't bring you along.

While still in LP, and we were talking to you about returning to Paco, you told Pappie, "Let's bring Yamnyoy with us ha Pappie?" :)

When you spilled some milk on the floor because you were not minding your cup, and I shouted (because I was stressed at having to mind you, Yamee and myself as we were going out) then Yamee started crying, you told your brother, "It's ok Yamee, it's ok, it's just some milk." :) projection... but that shut Mommy up.

You also lose sleep when Yamee cries so we try as much as possible to change him downstairs. But sometimes, when you hear him crying downstairs, you also wake Pappie up and tell him that Yamnyoy needs help.

Whenever Yamee cries, you say... "Yamnyoy, don't worry, Mommy/Pappie?kuya's here." and then you tell us, "Mommy/Pappie... Yamnyoy needs help."

I was threatening Yamee that I'll just donate my bmilk 'coz he wasn't nursing well when Yakee intervenes by saying, "mommy, dont be angry."

wonders what to make of Yakee putting a clip on his tutuy... do I stop him? cheer him on? just let him be? Napapa-ouch na lang ako :D

Yakee to Yamee when Yamee started crying: "Wait Yamnyoy, wait, Mommy's angry." (I was angry with you because you weren't packing your toys)

Yakee to me while Pappie was changing my bandage: "It's ok Mommy, don't worry, here... hold my hand." (sniff)

Yakee to guy fixing MIL's roof: "Kuya Roger, fly! Come on!"


You're into KNIGHTS now... and insists on being dubbed by your father at least once a day. Hangers are usually your sword and the pitcher cover your shield.

You're also into Lego Power Miners now... but I find it's too violent an interest for you. Not only do you love the driller tank they have (thunder driller) but you get rambunctious pretending to be a rock monster.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crazy Pogi

Monday, November 8, 2010

He's a Big Kid Now


Last Friday, November 5, you were just wearing shorts for you had already pooped and I have been training you to really just tell us if you need to pee in the potty when you excitedly told me that you wanted to poop. For a minute there I didn't know what to do so I just asked if you'd do it in the potty (because you never agreed to it before and always insisted that you're wearing a diaper when you poop, sometimes, you won't even do it unless you're home here in Paco) and you said YES.

You managed to keep everything in and just let go after I have seated you in the potty seat.

And just like that, you pooped in the potty for real. And of course, we were so proud!

Then, Sunday, while Pappie was pooping, you told me again that you had to go. Good thing your potty seat was outside and I got you to sit there and you did your business. It sort of scandalized you to be hearing your poop hit plastic though, and not water but still, again, you pooped in a potty.

I just hope your brother's coming won't dampen your drive to go potty in the potty. I'd really love to not have to keep buying diapers for you, you know. We can save up the money and buy Lego sets instead, hehe.



Once, a week or two ago, you jumped/dived on Pappie which ended up hurting him. He scolded you and you reasoned out. You said, "But I am a super hero eh, I am flying." :) Pappie then had to acknowledge that he understands you are a superhero but reminded you that superheroes don't hurt people. He gave you permission to fly as much as you want if you'd be careful and not hurt anybody.

You are really very talkative now. You're still apt to be contrary and reverse psychology still works with you, but you also tend to reason out more now. You also never fail to remind me to be proud of you, for outting on your socks all by yourself, or removing your shoes/socks all by yourself.


A few days ago, I told you that soon, my tummy will be small again. Then you asked, "And I can sit on your lap again?" :)

So sometimes, I would allow you to sit there even if it's a real discomfort. And during Mass, I encouraged you to be on my lap and to take your nap there in my arms. I had to hand you over to your father after a while but it was really bittersweet how I haven't held you like that in my arms for a long time now. Usually, you'd sleep beside me, even in the car, and not anymore in my arms. And as my tummy grew and we instructed you to defend it and protect it, that kind of closeness has been deprived us both.

It was a privilege holding you like that for over two years, Yakee, and I really missed it. I am sorry you missed it too. But you do know I love you right?


I worry about the coming days where we'd all have to adjust to Yamee. But somehow, you have reassured me time and again that you are really aware of a baby on the way, and that you will be a good big brother to him. Yamee is so lucky. We are so lucky that you're you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Boy

Tito Trek lugged the heavy water container for the water dispenser and you said, "Wow, wonderful. Very good!"

We all smiled and Tito Trek said that it's only from you that he gets stuff like that, appreciation for the little things.

And then he related how he was scolding Iya last night and you came in between them, held his face and told him "It's ok Tito, it's ok." meaning for him to stop. Ninang Ira related that you did the same when she was scolding Iya yesterday.

I love how you're trying to play peacemaker. I love that you realize when something wrong was done and try to avert any scolding or disciplining. I love that you validate others and seek validation yourself all the time. I love how it's a testament to how secure you are and how secure we've made you feel.

You are still learning to be good, but I know, and others validate... that you ARE a good boy.

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