Sunday, December 20, 2009

Updates and Updates

I can't believe I haven't updated this for almost a month!

Anyway, darling son, you have been your usual handful self but you're really more verbal now. Last Friday, you even gushed over one of the gifts you got at PPA and said, "Beautiful!" :) Now, you say that all the time after saying "Wow!" :)

Oh and everybody adored you at PPA because you were happy as a lark, kept dancing and running and shrieking, kept posing for pictures...

You spent the whole day with pappie yesterday but danced with Mommy a lot last night. And now, you're sleeptalking a lot more.

This afternoon, you started poking Nemo and getting his stuffing out. So yeah, you may never hug him for a long time.

Sometimes, i'd have very difficult days. I think it's because we've both been busy, Pappie and I, so you feel your days are disrupted and cannot trust a routine. Plus, since Mommy has started working, she's either busier during the day or lacking sleep from working all night.

Our Christmas tree looks like a tornado went through it. I don't know where half of the trimmings are. Your constant plucking from it also convinced Mommy not to put it the Christmas lights. And after discovering that the Christmas boxes hanging from the tree were made from styropore, you starting making a mess of them at will.

Now, you're flinging popsicle sticks at Mommy as I type.

Earlier, we tried playing store. I gave you pretend money and asked for the peanut butter and you got the peanut butter back and asked for coins.

Oh and the carollers love you. Not only do you dance while they sing, you also can't wait to give them their coins. Of course, you hit some as you push the door open.

And yeah, recently, you haven't had a serious fall or bump. But there are days when I spank a lot. Well, the most is 3 times, because you were so contrary.

Oh, you've been attending lots of reunions with Mommy and Pappie.


And now, you in pictures:


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