Friday, August 10, 2012

Growing Sweet and Thoughtful

You are generally more mellower, more easy to cooperate, more thoughtful and sweet. In fact, I sometimes get weirded out by how gushy you get with affection... wondering if you're up to something :D  Not that I don't appreciate it, my love, I do...

I really love our date days too... and maybe, that has something to do with how cooperative you've been. I can see how much you've grown and matured when it comes to Yamee, and I know that your brother is sooo sure of your love for him too.

You still love being read to, still love watching TV/movies (but can only do so every Fridays and Saturdays), still love toasted bread and butter as well as scramble eggs. You're slowly learning to eat more meat but still hate fats and gristle and texture.

You suddenly can't get enough of bananas. And you've un-learned being OC about underpants. See, there was a time when you refuse to wear shorts or pyjamas anymore without underpants :)  Sorry darling, but since it's hard to dry clothes nowadays.... this is a plus for our helper.

I don't know how you'll handle losing your new best friend, Chase... but I'm sure you will adapt, and know that Mommy's heart will break with yours as you deal with yet another growing pain.

Miscellaneous FB posts:

A mom told me earlier that her daughter told her about how my son helped her yesterday... by getting the towel some other boy was hitting the girl with.

I was also told by one of the nurturers that my boy is so grown up and matured already, helping them with the other children.

We are so mighty proud of you, Kuya Yakee. This is all you.

Yakee: Mommy, Can I tell you something?
Me: Yes.
Y: Mommy, i'm so proud... and happy. I love you very much because you're always making happy sacks for me.

(he meant hacky sacks and purposely calls them that because he says they make him happy... haha... and yes, this is one of the perks of embracing crafts, suddenly, you're like a magician in your kiddo's eyes)

Pappie: Don't tell Mommy what you told me about why you're wearing all white, she will cry.
(Yakee giggles)
Me: What?
Pappie: Sure ka, you want to know?
(me getting nervous as morbid thoughts come to mind)
Pappie: Go on Iakob, tell Mommy.
(Yakee giggles again)
Yakee: Mommy, i'm wearing all white. I look like i'm going to a wedding.



I couldn't help but feel senti... my firstborn is just really not a baby anymore, even if he'd always be MY baby.


I never understood the rewards of domestic chores and crafts... until I started doing them, and seeing how Yakee appreciated me making things for him.


(sms exchange)
Pappie: enjoy your date later
Me: thank you for letting me date another man... and for giving me money for it too :)

(while eating ice cream by the fountain at Power Plant Mall)
Yakee: Mommy, this fountain was very sad kanina.
Me: How come?
Yakee: Because nobody was sitting here and enjoying the fountain. But now, it's a happy fountain because we're here.

I love Friday date days with Yakee!

Yakee: Mommy, you know what's making me sad? Your words.


After watching an old episode of Criminal Minds last night, I thought of talking to Yakee about losing him in a public place and what he can do (stay put in the last place he saw me). I thought I was doing it as casually as possible... unfortunately, he got so upset about it.

while walking from school

Me: Oh my, Iakob look at the clouds. I think it might rain again.
Yakee: Hmmm... I think Jesus said, "No rain until my son Iakob is home."

Sure enough, it was still only drizzling when we got home after our date.

(posted by Tita Kat)
Thanks so much for the present, Chase has been playing catch with daddy. Chase is already missing his best friend he said!
(my reply)
Awww... that's the same thing Iakob said last Thursday when we were on the way to the mall... that Chase is his super best friend!

We will miss you both surely :)


Like wolves at the moon, the boys are howling at the rain through our lone bedroom window.

Hopefully, it addresses their cabin fever...


I couldn't resist but turn on the news last night. Images of flood everywhere was on the TV.

Yakee: Wow, that is so nice.
Me (aghast): No darling, flood isn't nice at all.
Yakee: No Mommy, not the flood. The sailboats (lifeboats) are so nice because they're going to rescue people. Help is on the way.

Sigh. I have always told him that, when he hears sirens, help is on the way... but it is I who forgot to look at the glass as half-full. Thank God though that he listens to what I say.

And with that, despite the raging rain last night, I managed to sleep better and not fret as much.


during our bedtime prayer

Yakee: Papa Jesus, I miss my friend, the sun. I want to see my friend because the plants also miss the sun.

God... what your will is, will be. But if it's really not too much to ask, please let the rains stop.
before napping

Yakee: Mommy, is that the sun?
Me: Yes, I believe your friend, the Sun, is back.
Yakee: I think God heard me singing so He took the rain away and gave the sun back.


~ he was referring to yesterday, we were sitting outside while watching the rain and he thought of playing his guitar and singing to chase the rain away
~ I should not have started him on mere outlines and stick figures which greatly limited his art (rectifying it!), but that's his drawing of what we did yesterday... where he's sitting with his guitar, and his hat is on the floor, and in the flood floats two slippers he tried to rescue
~ amazing, his faith that God listened to him :)

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