Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Stories

Our weekend started with Mommy bringing you to the Anvil Booksale where you had so much fun disturbing the books, going through them, running about and shrieking. You also kept slipping from the chair and one time, you also had Mommy read you The Magical Violin book there and then.

Your eyes puffed a little from all the dust, and even the next day, your eyes still showed some puffiness.


While going through your new Barney book, Mommy was asking you to tell her where the cat is and told you that it's near the guitar. You said, "No guitar, mandolin!" :D Mommy couldn't be happier being corrected.


Last night, Mommy gave you the key from her Readers Digest subscription. Pappie heard you say something like, "I have a key, it will open a car." :) Pappie was amazed and Mommy asked you, "Yakee, what is the key for?" and you responded, "open a car!" :)


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