Monday, October 26, 2009


Slipping twice on the ground in Lipa did not hurt you.

Falling in a hole then down, did not hurt you.

Tripping several times did not hurt you.

Slipping on the floor, and falling down to bump the back of your head did not hurt you either.

But without us knowing, you really hurt yourself. Enough to keep crying everytime you'd remember it. Enough to cry and cry again everytime you attempt to pick something up. Enough to really not leave Mommy's arms again the rest of the night. Enough to sleep fitfully in the car and sleep again immediately once Mommy put you to bed.

Pappie and Mommy don't know what really happened. But I guess this is the first of many times when you'd really hurt yourself without us looking. Because you're growing up and not a baby anymore.


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