Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Building Forts

It's his big thing right now, building forts. Or rather, turning things into forts... like his rocker... or his cousin's bike. He likes it when I use his puzzle mats to make tents for him. It's really cute and weird for him to be into this thing this early... he even insists on having Pappie as a fort of sorts while watching TV. Makes him feel safe, probably.


He broke his first glass yesterday by throwing it on the table. My fault really because it was glass.


Spanked his bare bottom with my bare hand last night. Twas just one swat really, to make him pay attention. He was being too hyper, and this after he peed on my feet. What annoyed me was, after peeing, he touched his pee (and my foot) eh he was eating chicken nuggets.


I threw his poop into the toilet bowl before discarding his diaper. Then I flushed the toilet so he'd see his poop disappear. He started bending down to see where the poop went to. Funny :)


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