Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Difficult Day


You started the day by crying and throwing a tantrum as early as 7 AM, when we're still in bed and I was nursing you.

You refused everything I offered you, but later ate the porridge we bought. You only willingly ate because you were watching cartoons with Ice.

And then you nursed while I told you your birthing story... and fell asleep. But some sort of radar you had told you that Mommy's breast is no longer in your mouth so you woke up and got upset, even with Mommy beside you. After thirty minutes of throwing a tantrum, you did sleep on your own. For two hours.

After that, you were your usual happy self till you woke up after your late afternoon nap. Again, tantrums at not being able to play all you want with the faucet while Mommy was cooking. And just before your night bath, you were throwing cups and chair. You also bit Mommy's arm.


A milestone... you were able to open the latch in the screen door. Now we're really going to have a harder time containing you at home.


Pappie bought you a replacement guitar last night and you broke the strings today.


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