Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boracay Trooper

Leave it to you to be the only toddler (sometimes, actually the only person) playing in the beach when the ocean is raging with waves and the wind is so strong that everywhere, establishments have put up storm screens.

Leave it to you to try eating sand just because you're delighted with them.

Leave it to you to be the only one actually enjoying the rain here in Boracay, and to be happy with puddles and flood and the frogs that accompany the rain.

Leave it to you to allow guides to carry you just so you can go into a cave, or go down a steep set of stairs on your own to go into one, and to relish swimming even though the water is cold.

Leave it to you to eat vegetable bread sticks while everyone in our boat were huddling close for warmth and to escape the heavy beating of rain and splash of sea... and then to fall asleep through it all, as if nothing was happening and we didn't have to leave the big motor boat for a small one. And that you could smile when you hear the word 'Jollibee' when everybody, including you, were dripping from the rain that was pouring down on us for hours then.

And to still not have a cold after days of rain and sea... and still have fun. You're really such a trooper darling, Pappie and Mommy are so happy.


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