Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Are You Doing?

You're literally saying that now. Last week, it was just, "Mommy, where are you?" but now you're stringing along phrases and sentences. And you were just a doll the whole day, you made your girl cousins look like brats. Hehe. Even Yaya cannot deny you anything because you're always so cute, always dancing, always misplacing Mommy, always telling them to "Come here, sit, walk, etc"

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hard Hit

You took a hard hit yesterday, darling. You can't imagine the fear Pappie and I had when you were oh so quiet and sad and and lethargic and sleepy after. When you were woozy enough to fall from the weighing scale, that broke my heart. Maybe you will know the same fear when you have children of your own...

But I want you to know, God willing that we could joke about what happened someday because you'd just really be alright, that Pappie would die a thousand deaths before he'd do anything to hurt you. I'm the meaner parent after all, the one inclined to spank. And he was oh so sorry and worried. Heaven knows how hard he'd be beating himself up over this. Like what he says, he will never forgive himself if the fall affects your development.

But you know what, Mommy will... because I know seeing you hurt is the last thing he'd ever want. And it could have as easily been Mommy accidentally hurting you.

And am writing this now because I want you to know we appreciate how much a trooper you are. You're playing as usual now. You even pooped, which suggests that you did manage to digest something despite barfing three times last night. Now, Mommy just really has to be strict with the small, frequent feedings so you won't barf anymore.

Oh and you got such lovely gifts for Christmas. Ninang Gang gave you a black and whiteboard with magnetic alphabet and numbers, Andie gave you a color palette set to learn your colors,you've gotten yoyos and a shirt, Momsy gave you a PJ set, Lolo gave cereals, and you got a dog each from Momsy and Ninang Ira. You're scared of Ninang Ira's gift though and doesn't appreciate it singing "What a Wonderful World"

You're now wearing the gingham romper that Ninang Ira gave you. You look so cute and innocent in it. So yeah, Merry Christmas little boy. We love you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sigh, Son

One thing am really happy about is the fact that you can also stomach ginger tea, which I believe helps us more than Ascof Lagundi does. I am hoping you won't progress to pneumonia, that this isn't a primary complex sign and that you won't be sick during the Holidays.

Oh and you also like uncooked chopped chinese cabbage.

I also told your Pappie that am sure you're going to fall off the stairs anytime soon because you've been trying to balance on that side ledge and you keep running and turning while on the stairs.


I know not everything is about me but I can't help but wonder if our daily struggles recently is also the reason why you're being extra violent and jealous of Ice. Poor ice is getting real abused by you. We've made an agreement with Tito Jun though that when you guys are about 5 or 6, we'd just really let you rough each other up. By then, your advantage over him wouldn't be that big anymore. Right now though, you can still literally push him around eventhough he can scratch, claw and hit right back.


You slept and woke up asking me for apples yesterday. I love that you love fruits!


You also exclaim, "Wow, delicious! Yummy" all the time now when you're eating. And I believe you said "hawaking" the other day. :)


When you ask me to sing in bed or when am putting you down for a nap, you're basically asking me to hum TUHOG NA BULAKLAK. You'd usually hum along at first then drift off to sleep.


I really love you, Baby. I really, really do.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Updates and Updates

I can't believe I haven't updated this for almost a month!

Anyway, darling son, you have been your usual handful self but you're really more verbal now. Last Friday, you even gushed over one of the gifts you got at PPA and said, "Beautiful!" :) Now, you say that all the time after saying "Wow!" :)

Oh and everybody adored you at PPA because you were happy as a lark, kept dancing and running and shrieking, kept posing for pictures...

You spent the whole day with pappie yesterday but danced with Mommy a lot last night. And now, you're sleeptalking a lot more.

This afternoon, you started poking Nemo and getting his stuffing out. So yeah, you may never hug him for a long time.

Sometimes, i'd have very difficult days. I think it's because we've both been busy, Pappie and I, so you feel your days are disrupted and cannot trust a routine. Plus, since Mommy has started working, she's either busier during the day or lacking sleep from working all night.

Our Christmas tree looks like a tornado went through it. I don't know where half of the trimmings are. Your constant plucking from it also convinced Mommy not to put it the Christmas lights. And after discovering that the Christmas boxes hanging from the tree were made from styropore, you starting making a mess of them at will.

Now, you're flinging popsicle sticks at Mommy as I type.

Earlier, we tried playing store. I gave you pretend money and asked for the peanut butter and you got the peanut butter back and asked for coins.

Oh and the carollers love you. Not only do you dance while they sing, you also can't wait to give them their coins. Of course, you hit some as you push the door open.

And yeah, recently, you haven't had a serious fall or bump. But there are days when I spank a lot. Well, the most is 3 times, because you were so contrary.

Oh, you've been attending lots of reunions with Mommy and Pappie.


And now, you in pictures:

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