Monday, December 20, 2010

Just So You Know

... I love you so much.

But Mommy lost it with you earlier, because you were hitting Mommy when I was just talking to you about respecting Ice's property. I lost it because you still haven't even apologized for biting me so hard the other day, with the bite still bruised till now. I hate having you turn on me and I hated realizing just how big and strong you're getting.

You're really not a baby anymore. And despite the fear, the pain, the sadness over you growing up, there is also that celebration of your willfulness that must only come from being so loved and raised feeling secure. You're your own person and a thinking one at that.

Mommy is sorry, not really for hitting you, but for still learning how to discipline you better. Mommy is sorry for being tired and sleepy and for not being more strict with our structure, our routines.

Oh, but how I love you.


You wowed a pretty girl and her Mom at Aristocrat, enough to get her to ask for a balloon for you. She said you're very smart. Later, you'd get people looking and smiling by using a display platform at Robinson's Place as a stage. You danced to music from your father's phone. Half the time, you danced like a dork. But we were proud and you were happy :)

I guess the book given to you by Ninag Jet (I hope you dance) is taking seed.


I didn't know that you're ready for puzzles (acting intimidated by them lots of times before) but look at you here!


Your grandparents love you, baby.


We had a scare for a while about you having primary complex. But Dr. Mantaring said to observe you for a while since he doesn't believe you do. Not when you're that talkative and interactive... I thank God that you are thriving, baby.


You were fighting with Ice earlier on who's able to really 'gentle touch' Yamee.

Despite all the major, major tantrums and meltdowns lately, you have never lashed out at Yamee. So, I just know, you really have a protective sense for him.


Miscellaneous FB statuses concerning you:

~ sniffs... Yakee's big enough to warrant entrance fee at Star City... and to be able to ride more rides... *bittersweet emote*

~ can just imagine Yakee's delight from watching Little Big Club... hope Pappie can manage and they'd have a blast.

~ Yakee: No, Pappie, that's not a fart. That's a FROG. (after Pappie told Yakee that Yamee is farting)

~ sporting a swollen wrist from Yakee's bite... and scratches in the other. I love my son but some days, I just want him detained somewhere.

~ wonders how to best impart to Yakee that his every thought shouldn't be spoken out loud,especially if he's saying someone is ugly or has funny eyes (You see, at Dampa, you said, "Pappy look, funny eyes" at the man selling glow sticks... then when Ninang Gang was hangig the wash, you said, "Ninang, you know, that girl, so ugly." referring to the neighbor's helper)

~ overheard Pappie reading to Yakee, "And this is the ankylosaurus, the dinosaur whose balls are misplaced. So you, you shouldn't ever misplace your balls ha?" (so yeah, if not for the bonding component, I wouldn't allow him to read to our son)

~ sighs... after some 20 mins of crying to let him in when he could do it himself, now Yakee is crying for me to lock him outside

~ "Arrgh... the brothers keep pooping together! And just when am about to pump!!!"

~ hates that Yakee's been diagnosed with primary complex, she just hopes nobody from their home gave it to him.

~ shares (overhearing Yamee crying at the other house) Yakee: "Mommy, get Yamee! Take care of him, Mommy, please, please."

~ hopes that the brothers who poop together, grow up loving each other :D

~ is concerned abt Yakee's on and off fever but is opting to not overworry since the child can still throw tantrums as usual

~ hopes Big Brother Yakee's fever is a viral something, and not because she's been negligent of her firstborn *haaayst*

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Eat Ma Mon Luk Siopao

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yakee as Big Brother

I have been resisting the urge to update here, darling, maybe because it's going to make everything official. And no, it has nothing to do with your quality as big brother, because you're simply superb as one.


Anyway, of course, as expected, you were generally conflicted about Yamee when first you met him in the hospital. You found him cute and slightly interesting but you were more intent on playing with Iya.

Then, the following day, we had to ask that you not be brought to the hospital because Mommy was in pain, Pappie had a migraine and Yamee needed us. We just couldn't handle your exuberant spirit as well (especially since you and Iya were so noisy and playful at the OB ward) and we know that saddened you. I know that you looked for me and one time even refused to talk to Pappie but cried because you wanted to talk to me.

Oh, how I missed you that time, darling. I really did.

And then, of course, Lianne arrived and you had another playmate to interest you with. And then Mommy had the blues and you were confused why you had to start sleeping with us.

Oh... you also hit Mommy's cut at the hospital, just before she was being discharged. And you hit it again that first night you joined us to sleep. And then, in anger when Mommy was asking you what you wanted for breakfast. All unintentional and all confusing and painful for you.

And all those times you were hiding tears because I had to reprimand you for not minding Mommy's ouchie... or when I have to ask you to wait because I have to attend to myself or Yamee... those were bittersweet for me indeed. It pained me to see you dealing with emotions you don't understand, but I also love watching you grow up and learn to cope.


Some FB alerts involving you, and other snippets:

And yes, you insist his name is YAMNYOY... you first thought it up, in your usual make-up-words fashion, and the Arevalo clan seems to have reinforced it. Now, it's stuck!

When you saw Ninang Grace bing gigil to Yamee during our video call earlier, you said, "Ninang, you cannot eat him."

One time you told me that my stomach is small and I acknowledged that it is smaller. Then you said, "See, I can sit on your lap again." Awww

You will get jealous of the time we give to Yamee but you're very protective of him too. Nobody can 'ask for him' and no child can touch him w/o your permission. And you always introduce him :)

You always say Yamee is the cute one, and you're the handsome one.

You sometimes insist on holding Yamee's hand or foot but end up sorta pulling on them.

Everytime you see Yamee, you say, "Awww, he's so cute." And in darling voice too.

One time I asked Pappie to bring us to Quirino so you can maybe play, when you realized we were bringing you along, you shouted, "Yehey, I am going." :) This was after we brought Yamee for a checkup and didn't bring you along.

While still in LP, and we were talking to you about returning to Paco, you told Pappie, "Let's bring Yamnyoy with us ha Pappie?" :)

When you spilled some milk on the floor because you were not minding your cup, and I shouted (because I was stressed at having to mind you, Yamee and myself as we were going out) then Yamee started crying, you told your brother, "It's ok Yamee, it's ok, it's just some milk." :) projection... but that shut Mommy up.

You also lose sleep when Yamee cries so we try as much as possible to change him downstairs. But sometimes, when you hear him crying downstairs, you also wake Pappie up and tell him that Yamnyoy needs help.

Whenever Yamee cries, you say... "Yamnyoy, don't worry, Mommy/Pappie?kuya's here." and then you tell us, "Mommy/Pappie... Yamnyoy needs help."

I was threatening Yamee that I'll just donate my bmilk 'coz he wasn't nursing well when Yakee intervenes by saying, "mommy, dont be angry."

wonders what to make of Yakee putting a clip on his tutuy... do I stop him? cheer him on? just let him be? Napapa-ouch na lang ako :D

Yakee to Yamee when Yamee started crying: "Wait Yamnyoy, wait, Mommy's angry." (I was angry with you because you weren't packing your toys)

Yakee to me while Pappie was changing my bandage: "It's ok Mommy, don't worry, here... hold my hand." (sniff)

Yakee to guy fixing MIL's roof: "Kuya Roger, fly! Come on!"


You're into KNIGHTS now... and insists on being dubbed by your father at least once a day. Hangers are usually your sword and the pitcher cover your shield.

You're also into Lego Power Miners now... but I find it's too violent an interest for you. Not only do you love the driller tank they have (thunder driller) but you get rambunctious pretending to be a rock monster.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crazy Pogi

Monday, November 8, 2010

He's a Big Kid Now


Last Friday, November 5, you were just wearing shorts for you had already pooped and I have been training you to really just tell us if you need to pee in the potty when you excitedly told me that you wanted to poop. For a minute there I didn't know what to do so I just asked if you'd do it in the potty (because you never agreed to it before and always insisted that you're wearing a diaper when you poop, sometimes, you won't even do it unless you're home here in Paco) and you said YES.

You managed to keep everything in and just let go after I have seated you in the potty seat.

And just like that, you pooped in the potty for real. And of course, we were so proud!

Then, Sunday, while Pappie was pooping, you told me again that you had to go. Good thing your potty seat was outside and I got you to sit there and you did your business. It sort of scandalized you to be hearing your poop hit plastic though, and not water but still, again, you pooped in a potty.

I just hope your brother's coming won't dampen your drive to go potty in the potty. I'd really love to not have to keep buying diapers for you, you know. We can save up the money and buy Lego sets instead, hehe.



Once, a week or two ago, you jumped/dived on Pappie which ended up hurting him. He scolded you and you reasoned out. You said, "But I am a super hero eh, I am flying." :) Pappie then had to acknowledge that he understands you are a superhero but reminded you that superheroes don't hurt people. He gave you permission to fly as much as you want if you'd be careful and not hurt anybody.

You are really very talkative now. You're still apt to be contrary and reverse psychology still works with you, but you also tend to reason out more now. You also never fail to remind me to be proud of you, for outting on your socks all by yourself, or removing your shoes/socks all by yourself.


A few days ago, I told you that soon, my tummy will be small again. Then you asked, "And I can sit on your lap again?" :)

So sometimes, I would allow you to sit there even if it's a real discomfort. And during Mass, I encouraged you to be on my lap and to take your nap there in my arms. I had to hand you over to your father after a while but it was really bittersweet how I haven't held you like that in my arms for a long time now. Usually, you'd sleep beside me, even in the car, and not anymore in my arms. And as my tummy grew and we instructed you to defend it and protect it, that kind of closeness has been deprived us both.

It was a privilege holding you like that for over two years, Yakee, and I really missed it. I am sorry you missed it too. But you do know I love you right?


I worry about the coming days where we'd all have to adjust to Yamee. But somehow, you have reassured me time and again that you are really aware of a baby on the way, and that you will be a good big brother to him. Yamee is so lucky. We are so lucky that you're you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Boy

Tito Trek lugged the heavy water container for the water dispenser and you said, "Wow, wonderful. Very good!"

We all smiled and Tito Trek said that it's only from you that he gets stuff like that, appreciation for the little things.

And then he related how he was scolding Iya last night and you came in between them, held his face and told him "It's ok Tito, it's ok." meaning for him to stop. Ninang Ira related that you did the same when she was scolding Iya yesterday.

I love how you're trying to play peacemaker. I love that you realize when something wrong was done and try to avert any scolding or disciplining. I love that you validate others and seek validation yourself all the time. I love how it's a testament to how secure you are and how secure we've made you feel.

You are still learning to be good, but I know, and others validate... that you ARE a good boy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miscellaneous FB Updates About You

My many FB status involving you:

Yakee: Look Mommy, it's the letter C! C is for Ribbon!!! (ehm... same lang ba to if I give him A for Effort?) :D


Woke up to leg cramping and awakened Yakee... who touched my belly and asked, "Mommy, ouchie?" and kissed and hugged me there while I was still cramping! Kalurkei... but yes, my boy is sweet... I just couldn't help but wish he also knew how to massage my leg :D


Amazed to just suddenly hear Yakee singing "Hush Little Baby" while strumming his guitar... who cares if I alone can understand the words :D


Shares how, after Pappie pretend knighted Yakee (complete with kneeling Yakee dubbed as Sir Yakee of Paco), Yakee came to her and whispered, "I want to hit the king" and proceeded to poke Pappie, the king, with his sword (a plastic hanger).


"Mommy, you will fall. Here is Pappie's pillow, put it there so you not fall. There, that's perfect!" (Yakee upon waking up and seeing me near the edge of the bed, imitating how I always put a pillow there for him, but I don't say "it's perfect," that's all him)


Just this afternoon, I was giving you your blanket (since you seldom sleep without holding one) and you said that it's mine. You proceeded to wrap me in it and then said, "There Mommy, you're not cold anymore."

And then you held my hand and fell asleep.

Actually, it's either we have to hold hands or I have to meme you so you'd sleep. This on top of the stories and singing you insist upon.


You also insisted on breastfeeding and I let you. Then you said you're breastfeeding like Yamee. Ahehe. You don't know how to anymore.


I am super proud that you can already recite nursery rhymes like Wee Willie Winkie, The Grand Old Duke of York, Bobby Shafto's Gone to Sea, Jack Be Nimble, Curly Locks, Simple Simon and many more. I just know your grandparents will be impressed.


You still call me Princess... but lately you've also started calling me PRECIOUS.


You're shaking your hips as I type this post.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Because Mommy lacked redirection strategies, and you can be real ornery sometimes, you attacked Mommy basically when Mommy put the chairs you were playing with on timeout, because you were not listening to what Mommy was saying.

You bit Mommy on the stomach. Hard. Enough to make Mommy really scream and cry for hours after. I have yet to take a picture of the bruise, and it goes without saying, Mommy felt abused.

I spanked you once and put you on timeout, then locked myself in our bedroom lest I upset you more, or get more hurt.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hyper Even In Sleep

Back when you were still co-sleeping with us, we already had a problem with how you'd cram us towards the edge of the bed (or wall) and end up kicking us in various places as you just change positions many times during the night.

Now, after you got your own bed, you seemed to take to the bigger space like fish to water. It's not unusual to have some parts of you literally spilling over onto the floor in your sleep.

The problem now is when you join us in the big bed, you somehow tend to be as freely moving in our bed as yours, so we get kicked all the more. I literally have to push you or roll you just for breathing space, or to avoid your kicks.

Even in sleep, you can't quite be still.


Love you, tomorrow is your birthday. Can't believe I have been loving you for three years now (plus the months you were inside my tummy).

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Sweet Child

Last night, I started getting dizzy so I had to hurry your bath so I can give you to your father while I hurriedly lay down. Pappie was the one who read to you and though you didn't like it, accepted that he'd only read one book (as he still had work to do).

You started asking for the usual stuff that you've been lately asking for, like a song from Mommy, for Mommy to sleep beside you (or if you can join me in the big bed already) and meme. Mommy explained that Mommy really isn't feeling well and said sorry. You sat up, said "It's ok, Mommy." and touched my foot. Then you settled down in bed.

Mommy woke up at past 12 and wasn't able to sleep again. Around 3 AM, when Mommy came up again after her nth wiwi break, you started stirring and Mommy decided to lie down beside you. You turned to Mommy and asked, "You better?" and that was the sweetest, sweetest thing.

I love you, Yakee. I know Mommy's been short with you a lot of times and that she can be a better Mom... but she really knows how blessed she is to have you for a child.

Friday, September 24, 2010

You and Harry Potter

I started watching the HP movies and so, of course, you got exposed to them.

You generally say, "Hairy Potter" and I don't know why because am sure I say HARRY right.

Chamber of Secrets is "Hairy Potter and the Big Snake" for you. Prisoner of Azkaban is ""Hairy Potter and the Flying Mumu."

Of the lot, your fave is CoS because it has giant spiders, the big snake, and Dobby plus the flying car and 'angry tree.' Of course, you also like Goblet of Fire 'coz of the dragon.

You keep forgetting Harry's name (you weird boy) and refer to Hermione as "the pretty girl." You refer to Ginny and Luna as "other pretty girls" and refer to Hagrid as "the giant, like me" because we told you how you were named after him.

You sometimes pretend to have a wand and have actually mastered the art of shouting "Ridikulus" :) And sometimes you tell me you want us to read Harry Potter... so I tell you that you have some 8 more years of growing to do.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yakee's Milestones

You have been sleeping mostly on your own for almost a month now. We made your bed August 11 and asked you to sleep there and you did, without fuss and fanfare. About a week into the arrangement you started asking to go back to the big bed but would still really sleep in your bed. And then sometimes you'd insist on having one of us sleep with you there. Pappie usually obliges you and just transfers to the big bed after you've fallen asleep. And then in the wee hours of the morning, you'd join us in the big bed, usually just before Pappie wakes up.

I welcome you into my arms when you do join us in the mornings because I do miss your warmth. Pappie and I have gotten used to having somebody separating us that we still sleep near the edge of the bed to make room for you.


Out of happiness last night, you thought to dive-push Mommy. Unfortunately, we were on the stairs and Mommy almost fell. Mommy was sooo scared and you could tell Mommy was really upset when Mommy scolded you about it.

When we settled down in your bed for bedtime reading, you chose the "I'm a big brother book" :)


Some of Mommy's FB status about you:

Mommy is turning son into a Potterhead. Ask Yakee what he likes and he'd say, "Hairy Potter and the Big Snake" :D

Mommy wondered aloud what Yakee will wear to a costume bday party and hubs said to ask Yakee. He asked Yakee, "What do you want your costume to be, baby?" to which Yakee replied, "A butterfly!" SILENCE FOLLOWED then Pappie asked, "What's your next option mahal?" to which Yakee replied, "Uhmmm... a bee!" (ask Yakee pala ha!!!)

Mommy was showing the linea negra on her tummy to Yakee, and he says, "wow, like a fireman's pole"

Mommy left her son to watch a centipede in the sink, he used the end of his toothbrush to kill it. How mean! (really son, I hope you'd learn to be gentle with creatures... we only kill mice and cockroaches!)

Yakee turned to me and said, "Mommy where are the girls? I want the girls." (yung Miss U pageant) :D (You still like watching the opening to see the girls in national costumes 'coz you like the ones in butterfly outfits)

Yakee singing the Toy Story theme song..."I forgot a friend in me... I forgot a friend in me..."

realized there are things a mother's love can't deliver... like Yakee asking her to make him a girl :D (this was because you wanted to play with Tita Grace's makeup and Ninang Gang told you it's only for girls)


You look more like Pappie when your hair was longer, but now that it's cut clean, you look more like Mommy.

You also seemed to be gaining more weight with Pedzinc and Incremin but you like Vidaylin vitamins and haven't gotten sick since you started on that. Mommy's just having issues with your constipation, usually coz of grapes and partly coz of potty training (as you won't poop without a diaper on)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Month of Updates

... and I can't think of anything.

But ahh, last night, while playing in your tub, and Mommy was showering with you after we both got steamed... you said, "Mommy, your breasts are my friends." I asked why and you said, "Because I dudu." :)


At the OB check-up I had, you asked me if the doctor was going to give you a lollipop. The poor OB then had to steal a candy from the pedia she's sharing the clinic with to give to you. Needless to say though, you were happy. And the candy habit with doctors was further reinforced.


When you were reunited with Lianne and Iya that weekend you all visited Lolo before he was disachrged from the hospital, the girls refused to play with you and even closed the door on you, which led you to crying. Yaya scolded them for you but well, they had a good reason though... you liked boxing with them :)

And then last weekend, you wanted to play with your friends (Kat, Eli, Nicole) but they didn't want to play with a boy. You rushed to me and called me and you were oh so cute trying to fight back tears. All the guests at the baptism found you adorable as you blinked back tears, then succumbed to weeping. Mommy's heart was broken with yours, darling...

Later though, you accidentally kicked Zach on the lip as you boys were playing with a balloon. And you and Zach and Nicole all swam in the pool without really playing with each other. Hehe.


Pappie made you this.

For a while, you like chanting, "I'm a robot, a crazy robot." while wearing it. But now, when I put it on you, you tell me you're a plane.


About two weeks ago, you decided to climb the stairs while hanging on the rails, on the danger side.

And you have been enjoying the new mattresses as jumping boards.


My heart bled again when you refused to join the Gymboree thingie because you didn't know any of the kids. We really have to get you into a class and get you used to interacting with strangers.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Big Boy You

Yesterday, you went with Ninang Ira, Tito Trek and Iya to the birthday party of Iya's classmate. And I heard you had lots of fun and ate lots too. It was a little bittersweet watching you leave with them without a fuss, just excited about the party you're going to.

Pappie was having a more difficult time letting you go... told him this was another sign that you really aren't a baby anymore because you're stepping out of comfort zones, like not having Mommy around. I just hope, it's because Mommy and Pappie have always been there that you're more secure about being away from us.

Love you baby. You just caught Ninang's expression "Infernes" :)


Ninang Ira said while playing with so many balls, you said, "This is so fun."

And then at the elevator, when we were going up to the waiting room at the hospital, you said, "I'm so happy today."

It's wrong for Mommy to take credit but I really think it's because of the quality of your relationships that you can express such feelings.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pains and Tales from Yesterday

We went back to Dr. Mantaring for your Hepa booster shot yesterday. You were generally engaging the entire time we were waiting, even fanning the babies like I told you to. You did throw a tantrum for a while but did not end the day on a bad note. Plus, Doc said you're at least pretty advanced generally for a child your age. He also said not to worry about your weight.

And you were so brave, did not cry over the injection, and even started wiping the alcohol-soaked cotton bud all over your arm after... and your face. Hehe.

You did touch a speculum, to which Doc said, "Do you know where that is placed? Yuck!" :D

And when I showed you how Yamee looks at 5 months from a picture chart, you said, "Ewww, smelly, like Pappie." :D The clerk thought we had a puppy dog.


You slipped last night after Pappie washed you and hit your head on the edge of the CR step. Your head bled a little. Awww. But you seem generally okay today.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Conversations with Pappie

Pappie: Yakee, what do you think Yamee is, a boy or a girl?
Yakee: Yamee is a girl... but I want a baby brother.


Last night, after playing at the MOA Park, on the way to the car... Yakee turns to hubs and asks, "Pappie, did you have fun?" :) Isn't that so cute???

Friday, July 2, 2010

Playing in the Rain

Yakee enjoyed swimming in his cousins' inflatable pool last Sunday but more than that, he had a field day playing in the rain. I think I almost gave birth from fear of having him slip on the wet cement as he immitated his cousins and ran to and fro.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toilet Humor And Success

At SM Manila, you insisted on following Ninang to the ladies room. Curious about all the girls going in and out of the cubicles, you told Ninang, "Why are they hiding ha, Ninang? Why are they hiding? They scared? It's ok, let's wait. We'll hide too."


Ninang removed your diaper because she found poop in it. You were raging about it so I said that you might not yet be finished. Then she didn't put a diaper on you just yet, since we are toilet training you.

You weren't finished yet, just like what Mommy thought and you told Ninang you're going to poop. You succesfully pooped in the toilet bowl but wasn't used to really pooping that way so Ninang got you off the bowl when you were still straining. So a poop particle fell on the CR floor and you were scandalized by that. After washing you and sending you off to the bed to wait for her, you had another accident on the floor. You got scandalized again.

Still, that's a potty success right there. We really just have to get you used to your potty chair so you can take all the time you need to poop properly.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Night Swimming Pictures

You really had a grand time when we went night swimming at El Madero Farm & Resort. A few years more and you can really run with the wolves that are your cousins. Sigh.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Miscellaneous Tales and Updates

The latest thing you said that really had me finding you all kinds of cute is when you were holding a toy styracosaurus and said, "Come Cera, three-horns don't play with long necks." That's complete with voice modulation.

Of course, it is now obvious that you watch Land Before Time almost every day... and sometimes, even twice a day (but Mommy won't let that happen again).


You have also taken to saying, "My tummy is talking." whenever your tummy rumbles in hunger, or when you feel full.


You have taken to waking me up by saying, "Mommy, I'm hungry." and you're back to waking up real late again, we're having problems with afternoon naps.


We think you're catching my LIHI because you insist on sharing MY food and having midnight snacks. Last night, despite a full dinner and dessert, you started appealing to me to feed you because you're hungry. You started that around 11 and I gave in at 11:30 and cooked instant noodles for us. You kept refusing milk, you see, and kept asking for grapes or banana, both of which we didn't have.


Around three days ago, you asked Ninang why your tutuy is down... and went upstairs to ask Mommy the same thing.


You would also sometimes say, "hey, what are you doing there baby?" :D


You had a grand time at Market, Market today but was really contrary lots of times. The finale of your day was spending several minutes riding a broken backhoe and front loader near your Pappie's office, with a lollipop in your mouth.

Believe me son, you may have been shouted a lot and spanked even, but you are loved. Way, way loved.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gross Baby and Other Stories

Well, for what it's worth, you were really just being a baby.

You pooped and was curious enough to have to check it out by poking a finger or two in your diaper. Then you told me you pooped and showed me your soiled finger. Since Mommy was eating, Mommy asked you to wait so Mommy can finish... plus, both CRs in the two households were occupied. Of course, you were impatient. You decided to use your clean fingers to touch your soiled fingers. Curiousity, I guess... or just your penchant to be contrary after being told not to touch your soiled fingers with your clean ones. And because it's lately become a bad habit, you absent-mindedly put your cleaner finger in your mouth.

Needless to say, I went ballistic.


One of Ice's whistles has been gathering dust and germs outside for several days. My fault, I have been telling myself one of you might decide to pick it up and put it in your mouth. After Mass yesterday, that's exactly what you did. After ignoring that whistle for several days, you just decided it would be nice to blow on it again.

I went ballistic again!

I told your father later that if you got sick, it's all your fault really because you were gross.


Upon waking up and hearing me tell you that Lolo's back, you immediately asked for the lollipops Lola showed you on webcam.

Oh and I was so proud to see you kicking and moving that mat during your swimming lessons today.


I had to spank you earlier because you were being very aggressive and violent already with Ice. I know having Lolo around is stressing you even if you are happy to see him... but after your last attack on Ice, who was just following Lolo around, I just felt you needed to really be spanked on top of timeout and "no listening" from Mommy.

Indeed, after that outburst, you mellowed down and calmed down enough... only to scare us again as you pretended to be a vicious dinosaur. Pappie started re-thinking his "No to Care Bears" stance after that.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shiny, Happy People

Your favorite video now is Elmo Loves You, and your fave song there is the Furry, Happy Monsters song which is a parody of the REM song Shiny, Happy People. You can watch the video more than 3 times a day if we'd let you.


When Pappie was sick and I told you he's going to the doctor, you asked if he's going to get a lollipop. When I told you that he's going to a different doctor, you asked if he's still getting a lollipop. When I told you that only kids like you get lollipops from doctors, you asked if Pappie will get you a lollipop from the doctor.

Yes... you are a fan of lollies.


When you overheard Mommy saying to Pappie that she bought a storybook on child abuse, you said, "Wow, child abuse!"


You were dynamic and hyper and all kinds of handful and lovely in Marinduque.


You slept at a weird position in the car yesterday and didn't wake after Mommy got off. An MMDA tried apprehending your Pappie for 'swerving' but saw you sprawled on the seat and took pity on you, and let Pappie go.

Later, Pappie found a backhoe that's broken near his office. He let you sit in it and play with the levers. You were so happy.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Miscellaneous Updates

Yesterday, you showed a concept of money by asking Pappie for coins and attempting to hand it over as payment for your popcorn. Unfortunately, Mommy wasn't there to witness the moment because Mommy was sick.



1) When I was telling you the story of how Matsing wouldn't share any bananas to pagong, you blurted that out.

2) While I was taking a bath to prepare for my hospital confinement and telling you that Mommy and Pappie have to go to the doctor because Mommy is sick... and we have to leave you behind, you blurted that out.


It wasn't your first popsicle but when Pappie bought and gave you one last Saturday, you were pleading for another one. You were so cute.


You caught and officially killed a cockroach on your own last week. It was actually dying already and you were gleeful trying to catch it with your slipper. Ninang had to save it from being smashed by you.


Attracted by my boobs, you specifically asked to nurse last Friday, i think. I couldn't turn you away so I let you latch. You still know how to suckle but really don't want to anymore, you found it funny. I am very sore so I told you we had to stop.


You have been sleeping on your own all the time now. I still have to sometimes threaten you to settle don but it's really a lot easier for you to fall asleep now.


Because of the story "Ang Barumbadong Bus", when you feel you're having too much to drink, you say, "Mommy, I am drunk."


Saturday night was the first time you pooped and told me immediately after that you did.


You still love Eency Weency Spider and me tickling you.


Conversation last April 27:
Me: You ready to get up?
Yakee: Not yet.
Me: You want milk?
Yakee: Not yet.
Me: You want kisses?
Yakee: Yes, yes!!! (after the kiss)
Me: Will you behave all day and listen?
Yakee: Not yet also. (we spent the better part of an hour just cuddling and trying to wake up, love it)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Wonder and Tears

Saturday, Mommy was gone the whole day. Pappie said you were behaved most of the time. I won a small prize with bubbles and gave it to you immediately after coming home. Of course, you loved the bubbles and proceeded to empty the small container. After it's all used up, you said..."Aha! Idea... water!" :)

Pappie was so happy!


Read to you the book, "Naku, Naku, Naku" which is about an older brother worried about what to expect with a new baby. You loved it. And you somehow know that Mommy has a baby inside her tummy as well. :)

Also read to you "Luis and the Enchanted Creatures" and you also loved it. Unfortunately, you kept on insisting that the kapre is Pappie. Hehe.


Sunday we attended Maico's baptism. You cried at least four times during the afternoon. First, we suspect Zach might have made gigil. Second, you thought Nicole didn't want you to play with them when she was telling you not to go into the playhouse yet (she was clearing the balls). The third was when Elissa closed the door and Mommy and Pappie weren't in the playroom with you. The fourth was when somebody closed the door again. :)

At Paco Park, you cried when you went ahead and Mommy and Pappie were lost in conversation and turned towards the Chapel and you went straight ahead. I guess you were scared when you looked back and didn't find us there.

You also cried when you stepped forcefully on a kneeler which toppled a pew chair over. It landed on your shoulder. At first, I thought it was Pappie who made the pew topple and I couldn't get to you fast enough. Good thing you didn't fall badly to hit your head on the next pew. There is a mark on your left shoulder now though but you can paddle and splash and clap normally enough.


And then last night, because you weren't cooperating and we were enforcing the rule that such kids aren't welcome in bed, you also cried of course. But you did sleep readily after being disciplined.

I guess you could say, it wasn't the best of days for you. But you were laughing a lot during the day still.


I couldn't wake you up this morning for your swimming lessons and it resulted in tears because you refused to get moving. You were wonderful in the water but threw a tantrum when you didn't get to walk and kick roots at Plaza Dilao. You refused to walk, budge, stand or be carried at the edge of the road. I was torn between being super hungry and leaving you there, and being worried that we might have an accident involving a car.

And then you refused to have Mommy give you a bath soon after getting home.

And then you started crying because Tito Jun closed the door at the other house, thinking you won't be able to eat.

So yeah darling, not a good start to the week either.


You were very resourceful yesterday though. You didn't wait to be given fish food for the koi at Congo Grille. You fed them with rice off your pants instead.

Friday, April 23, 2010

No Updates Doesn't Mean No Milestones

Mommy has just really been busy about being pregnant, Baby. Mommy is often sick and dizzy and weak and restless.

I am sad to say, it has affected our relationship, causing a strain to it as you grow more energetic and engaging and demanding. I do feel bad about our time being compromised but I guess this is your first lesson on the other side of what makes a family a family: the sacrifices.

In the earlier days of this month, I would often have no energy to read to you at night, so I'd just read one book and call it a night. But I started feeling better as we both got better and finished our medicines. We have even established a new morning routine: I will take off your socks and you will take off mine. That's on top of the kisses and sometimes morning reading.

You're on vitamins everyday now, per your latest pedia's advice. she also kept giving you lollipops when we visit so now you're actually always excited at the prospect of going to the doctor's. The last time we were there, while Mommy was also consulting with her OB, you told Ninang about how delicious and tasty the lollipop is, and refused to give Ninang a taste. You told her to go to the doctor instead.

You still love your candy medicine, the Montemax chewable one, and we're down to our last four. I guess you just really love the thought of having candy.

Just last night, because Mommy was really not in the mood and you were making it hard for Mommy to dress you up again, Mommy turned out the lights on us without reading to you and putting socks on you. Poor you, you slept holding your socks. I did put them on you when I woke up just now. And I vow to be more consistent in my discipline of you now so that you'd cooperate better.

You still navigate the entire bed when you sleep, causing Pappie and me our sleep sometimes because you like curling up in the most inappropriate of places.

You started swimming lessons again last Wednesday. I think the long wait and anticipation got you super excited, you refused to listen to the instructors. You kept kicking in the water and giggling. Mommy really hopes to survive this.

But darling, do know that I love you. More than life itself. And I am proud that you're getting used to wearing briefs now. I just have to remember to make you pee in the potty every hour because you still don't tell me in advance that you're going to pee.

I am also happy that you somehow seem to have an idea that Yamee is a baby inside Mommy's tummy. And do know it breaks my heart when I have to turn you away or Pappie has to scold you to stay away from Mommy because you're being overly rough on Mommy (all your dancing makes Mommy nauseated aside from you always ending up hurting Mommy). I hope you will master your own strength someday because you really are a strong boy.

2 feet, 10 inches tall and 12.2 kgs. You wear a size 24 shoe.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Sorry Look and PJ Milestone

Tuesday or Wednesday night, I think, you asked for hot milk. But you were watching the TV and not minding your cup and managed to spill all the milk. You said sorry in the saddest voice, while signing as well. I couldn't scold about you not minding your cup because I was nauseous. And Pappie didn't scold you either and just cleaned up the mess.


On our way to Laiya last Friday, you probably started feeling woozy and couldn't quite tell me. You grew quiet though. Then you hugged Mommy and barfed. I started barfing as well, of course.

Then you started saying sorry with the sorriest of faces. Pappie and I didn't scold you and reassured you many times that it's ok. I mean, we couldn't really scold you anyway for feeling sick. And mommy kept hugging you.


Now, when you're misbehaving, miscalculating or there was truly an accident, you give us that sorry routine: repeatedly saying sorry with the saddest of faces, the sorriest of voices and signing. So even when you actually deserve a scolding, I couldn't have a go at it anymore and just end up telling you "I Love You" but you have to be more careful.


I went up for a while tonight and when I got back down, I saw you with one leg already in one pyjama pant leg. You have somehow figured out that you could do this all by yourself so I allowed you to finish the job. I did show you the pant opening so you could get your other leg in.

Then I gave you the shirt and you put it on all by yourself. I had to help you when you mistakenly put your arm through the neckhole but you really managed to dress yourself tonight.

I was so proud I teared up.

Growing boy, that's what you are!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey You

Mommy made you get a haircut. You look cute in it but the gay guy shaving your hair away kept complaining because you'd twitch when you hear the razor being turned on. But basically, you did just sit still.

You usually shout, "Aha!" then make the patience sign when Ice is crying, or when you know we're about to remind you of that. And when you are raring to fight, the sign often makes you smile. Again, it makes you a hundred times cute.

We are often arguing about Dilophosaurus and Oviraptor because you confuse the two and generally assume that all dinos with ridges on their heads are oviraptors. Hehe. But now you've progressed to also telling me that certain dinosaurs eat meat.

After clipping your nails several nights ago, you told Mommy, "Thank you so much." :)

And you love watching your old videos, footages taken when you were still an infant, but would walys say, "Not that" when it's our wedding video being shown you.

You love Elmo's Potty Time and have actually shown progress in peeing in the CR or your potty. You're still not diaper-free though and you still really can't tell us beforehand when you absolutely have to pee, but at least you have control of your muscles to go when we ask you to go pee. Pappie has also been showing you how to properly do it... and the first time he did, you said, "Wow!"

And I was so happy seeing you enjoy yourself at the zoo in Tagaytay, or ride that horse with that stranger. Soon, you will really have more adventures to enjoy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Too Cute Updates

Almost two weeks ago, I was asking you to say bye, bye to the toys you were playing with in Lipa. You said, "Bye bye pig, bye bye cow, bye bye elephant..."

And then you added, "See you again."


I bought books for you today and after all the excited gushing over them, you asked for Pappie and said something about Pappie reading them while signing WAIT.

And you didn't let Mommy read the new books to you.


Lolo's parting reminder to you and Ice was "no fighting." Now, everytime we're about to go to the otehr house, you tell us that while wagging your finger too. You also keep telling Ice that, which annoys him heavily.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Putting Your Own Socks

It was Wednesday night when you put your own socks on without any help at all. Mommy wished she could share it with Pappie since he was worried about how Ice could take his off on his own while you never have, and you're older.

I told your Pappie that it's probably because we have always been there to do it for you. We really should hover less, I think.

But you did, and I was proud just the same.


Much as I love you playing with clay, there are now on an indefinite timeout. Granted, I get annoyed when you 'shred' them in small pieces and scatter them about. I made peace with that earlier, telling myself that it's the price for your hand dexterity. Unfortunately, you decided they're fun to scattter on food. Food is scared. So maybe around two weeks or so without play dough will make you play with it better.

I love you anyway.

And am happy twas Pappie who read to you tonight, and tucked you to bed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weekend Wonder

Mommy still has to do some minor editing on your video, but you were outstandingly hyper last Saturday night/early morning (from all the ice cream) as you danced for Ninang Sancha. Actually, I feel you were more into seeing yourself on cam than actually performing for her. :)

Plus, Pappie did say that you were generally well-behaved last Saturday while with him. You even allowed us to watch our shows and we spent bonding time just sleeping.


Yesterday marked another milestone for you. You sat at the back of Maxime without Mommy and didn't sleep at all in the car. Looked to Mommy like you were playing pretend already, based on the expression in your eyes, your quiet smiles, and the way you'd sometimes just say "Weeeh" when we're going fast on the highway.

You also loved seeing Lolo and playing ball with your cousins in Lipa. *mwah*


One of the more perfect moments from the weekend was waking up to your kisses and then seeing you lying on the floor, on your front, and reading your dinosaur book just after waking up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing Make Believe

Posted this on FB:
Yakee was playing with the bottles of vanilla and banana extract. Suddenly we heard him saying, "Wake up now, wake up." He's laid the bottles on the table. We asked him to kiss the bottles so they'd wake, he did and stood them up again. Then he said Mommy is the vanilla... and Pappie is the banana. Hehe.


You like walking around as if you're a dinosaur, growling and roaring as you do. You also like it very much if Pappie pretends to be a dinosaur and goes after you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Updates On Your Cuteness

The other night, you initiated our bedtime goodnights with a "Goodnight, pillow." and then you prodded me by saying, "Moomy, say sweet dreams." :)


Your resistance has been made stronger by learning to use the word AYAW. But you still like saying NOT YET more.


You wanted to ride the air balloons last night so you can walk on water. I promised you I will let you do so when you're a little older. I don't think they accept kids as young as you. But don't worry baby, you WILL try a lot of things, even if Mommy's heart will be skipping so many beats while you do.


You can better identify letters when Mommy fingerspells them. You're weird and cute that way.


Mommy bought you your first Potty book... hoping that it will entice you to use yours. You at least love reading the book.


You still favor your orange crocs the most... and Mommy always has to make you choose what to wear so you'd wear it. ou even picked out the grapes you liked at the grocery. And you can use the detachable shower head on yourself already. You're really growing up.


You refuse to let Mommy go up if you don't see her and Pappie kiss. You're our marriage keeper indeed!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Weaning

Generally, Mommy still feels the numbers and pictures and references to you being a dinosaur now helped in the official weaning. But you are only a baby after all, so there were several times during the day when you did rage when Mommy reminded you that Mommy has no milk anymore for you.

So yes, there were tantrums. And one or two times when Mommy had to ask if you wanted a spanking because you refused to listen.

Then again, Mommy has been going out a lot and Pappie and Mommy were out last night. I guess you were bound to feel neglected somehow even if you're not.

But anyway, you celebrated with cake and ice cream today. I am so proud!

here are your pics from that time a grandma found you cute,
asked you to 'bless' and then gave you P3 after

Friday, February 12, 2010

Potty Training Hope

As much as I wish that I can already potty train you, you still really have to show any signs of being ready.

BUT we do let your tutuy breathe in the evening. Usually, you'd just be saying THERE while already peeing. But this afternoon, we sort of made an accidental breakthrough. You were kneeling on the divider between our kitchen and bathroom when you felt like pissing and let go, thereby peeing on the floor of the CR. I decided to just commend you for doing that, showering you with praises and kisses and then showing you how to pour water over the area you pissed on. Hehe.


The other day, I was texting and sitting by the stairs when you approached me to sit beside me and asked, "Mommy, are you okay?" :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


You missed me sooo much yesterday that you were all over me last night. And you tried impressing Mommy by eating more even if you've already had a hearty dinner. And you kept jumping and climbing all over Mommy. When Mommy coughed, you thought to cough along.

Then you barfed. All over Mommy's head, left ear and neck.

Mommy had to crawl away, retching.

And today.... you threw a major tantrum during naptime.


You were playing with your play dough, patting textures on it using your other toys. Then suddenly you put it on top of your plastic chest and started trying to imprint your peen on it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Siomai Baby

Yesterday, while walking to SM Manila, I asked you if you wanted waffles and you said YES. I reminded you that you should say PLEASE also and you said, YES PLEASE. And then after some pause, you said, WAFFLE AND SIOMAI PLEASE. Haha. So Mommy had no choice but let you snack on both. When told about it, Pappie was super happy and proud.

I think we have siomai at least twice a week now ever since you fell in love with it and started asking for it. It's not that you eat much of it, but it's really the only form meat comes in that you like all the time.


First visit to the dentist today too. You were excited and though a little apprehensive when made to sit on the dentist chair, you were behaved. You also opened your mouth accordingly. Mommy is happy that you don't have dental carries and that you have a nice set of teeth.


You always refer to eating at Jollibee too eventhough there's really nothing there that you LOVE eating. You call KFC "chicken" and we eat there more.


You still love wearing shades. And Mommy has bought you a paint set because you liked painting last weekend with your cousins. Yes, Mommy is facing the mess!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cool, Crazy Boy

Ever since I let you borrow these pair of shades, you insist on watching TV wearing it. Oh, and yesterday, when I was bringing you to the doctor for your low-gradefever, you insisted on wearing this same romper (you wore it just last week, when this picture was taken). You insisted on it.

Sigh. Start again of something new for us!

Oh and I know Mommy has been threatening you with spanking using your table's legs, but it's only because you refuse to stop brandishing them around and either keep hitting Mommy with it, or insist on climbing up the stairs carrying them. Both not really great ideas, my son. But I still love you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Start of What's That?

Last night was the official start of your "What's that" phase when you kept asking the question from Pappie, who was nebulizing himself.

It was also funny when, after peppering my face with Spiderman stickers, you asked me after awhile the same question.

Oh and yeah... you sometimes talk in paragraphs now. "Mommy, where are you? What are you doing? There, I found you! Hi, Mommy."

And you initiate "I love you" now. It still sounds "Awahu" but now I get that it's what you're saying... most of the time.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Funny, Crazy Boy

We're back home darling son. All in all, you were pretty behaved the entire Holidays. There were moments when we struggled but all in all, we both had fun. And everybody just loved how you'd always look for me... in complete sentences even.

Anyway, we were at Lipa earlier for the barrio fiesta. You loved goto and ran after dogs and your older cousins. You also binged on enough candy to last you a year. You also squashed chicks and ducklings because you were so happy with them. And you say HI to everyone, even to me after waking up, even to Pappie when you're crying.

During dinner, you cried happily, "Jollibee!" but it was really KFC that we were eating. Haha. And when Mommy asked you not to watch TV so near, you took out your binoculars and tried watching the TV that way (with the lens making the TV farther away from you). And taking your cue from Pluto, you licked Mommy's face and I feel you'd be doing a lot of that in the coming days.

Oh, you loved playing with clay so am going to buy you some. At least now I know you won't eat it. You still love books, you still love coloring, you still love playing instruments.

Another really adorable thing you do now is reading letters aloud. Of course, it's still a hit and miss thing but while on the road, you'd pretend to be reading aloud the letters in billboards and signs. That's a great sign because it suggests interest in letters.

Oh, and it was always heartbreaking for you when Ate Lianne and Iya try banning you from their play or refuse to share toys. But you, you've always been pretty generous with your toys, like your bubble gun and remote control car. :)

One last story... peddlers were trying to capitalize as usual on kids and their parents' inability to really refuse them so one was tempting you with his goods and Pappie wanted to buy you something. He said, though, that you should ask Mommy first if you can buy. You said, "Mommy, awahu" (i love you)

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