Monday, November 16, 2009

Smart Baby

It is not immediately apparent what the milestone is in this picture. But look closely and you'll see that my darling son put most of the trumpet-looking things together... and the flute-looking things together. He also put the accordion, glockenspiel and xylophone together while at the other end, he put the organ and reed organ near each other.

It's not perfect but it shows that he's establishing order and able to make associations already. Not to mention that he knows most of the names of these instruments (whether you ask him where something is, or ask him what picture you're holding). The things that confuse him and still won't register are glockenspiel, violoncello, cornet a piston, etc and that's okay, we're not hard to please.

Sometimes, I can't help but worry that my son still cannot identify letters, for example, like other 2 year olds. But times like this remind me that he knows other things and is not necessarily behind. I am so proud!


You have acute otitis media now my darling... Mommy is sorry if she failed in some way somehow. But Mommy is also blessed that you're generally cooperative when it comes to taking meds. I love you.


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