Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miscellaneous FB Updates About You

My many FB status involving you:

Yakee: Look Mommy, it's the letter C! C is for Ribbon!!! (ehm... same lang ba to if I give him A for Effort?) :D


Woke up to leg cramping and awakened Yakee... who touched my belly and asked, "Mommy, ouchie?" and kissed and hugged me there while I was still cramping! Kalurkei... but yes, my boy is sweet... I just couldn't help but wish he also knew how to massage my leg :D


Amazed to just suddenly hear Yakee singing "Hush Little Baby" while strumming his guitar... who cares if I alone can understand the words :D


Shares how, after Pappie pretend knighted Yakee (complete with kneeling Yakee dubbed as Sir Yakee of Paco), Yakee came to her and whispered, "I want to hit the king" and proceeded to poke Pappie, the king, with his sword (a plastic hanger).


"Mommy, you will fall. Here is Pappie's pillow, put it there so you not fall. There, that's perfect!" (Yakee upon waking up and seeing me near the edge of the bed, imitating how I always put a pillow there for him, but I don't say "it's perfect," that's all him)


Just this afternoon, I was giving you your blanket (since you seldom sleep without holding one) and you said that it's mine. You proceeded to wrap me in it and then said, "There Mommy, you're not cold anymore."

And then you held my hand and fell asleep.

Actually, it's either we have to hold hands or I have to meme you so you'd sleep. This on top of the stories and singing you insist upon.


You also insisted on breastfeeding and I let you. Then you said you're breastfeeding like Yamee. Ahehe. You don't know how to anymore.


I am super proud that you can already recite nursery rhymes like Wee Willie Winkie, The Grand Old Duke of York, Bobby Shafto's Gone to Sea, Jack Be Nimble, Curly Locks, Simple Simon and many more. I just know your grandparents will be impressed.


You still call me Princess... but lately you've also started calling me PRECIOUS.


You're shaking your hips as I type this post.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Because Mommy lacked redirection strategies, and you can be real ornery sometimes, you attacked Mommy basically when Mommy put the chairs you were playing with on timeout, because you were not listening to what Mommy was saying.

You bit Mommy on the stomach. Hard. Enough to make Mommy really scream and cry for hours after. I have yet to take a picture of the bruise, and it goes without saying, Mommy felt abused.

I spanked you once and put you on timeout, then locked myself in our bedroom lest I upset you more, or get more hurt.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hyper Even In Sleep

Back when you were still co-sleeping with us, we already had a problem with how you'd cram us towards the edge of the bed (or wall) and end up kicking us in various places as you just change positions many times during the night.

Now, after you got your own bed, you seemed to take to the bigger space like fish to water. It's not unusual to have some parts of you literally spilling over onto the floor in your sleep.

The problem now is when you join us in the big bed, you somehow tend to be as freely moving in our bed as yours, so we get kicked all the more. I literally have to push you or roll you just for breathing space, or to avoid your kicks.

Even in sleep, you can't quite be still.


Love you, tomorrow is your birthday. Can't believe I have been loving you for three years now (plus the months you were inside my tummy).

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