Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinosaurs, Numbers and Alphabet

Mommy was amazed when you proved that you could identify the dinosaurs in your book. You at least can differentiate the coelophysis, maisaura, T-Rex, triceratops, gigantosaurus, brachiasaurus, prenocephale and velociraptor. At first I thought you just memorized their position in the pages but you could still point out the right one when we look at the back page, proving that just like with the instruments, you can spot the distinctions.


You could sing the alphabet song but can't really identify letters yet. But you're always trying to imitate the fingerspelling diagram that Mommy posted beside your changing table. So now, you can do A, B, C, F, L and O. For some reason, you really still can't do the V sign. But no matter... your hand dexterity is still developing anyway and it's enough that you're learning.


Mommy and Pappie were surprised that you actually can chant from 1-10. We found this out when you recited it while we were going down the stairs last night. You also sometimes pretend you're counting and can get to 5 so it's also just really a matter of time before you can actually count.


We understand your verbalization half the time. I am excited with the WHy phase coming up.


You weirdly ate two cupcakes at the wake last night, even after having supper. And you ate rice and chicken after we got home.

You also tried climbing up the coffin and tried supporting yourself with one of the coffin handles. Disaster. We went home immediately after that lest the coffin falls on you, and Lolo Rudy's corpse comes out.


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