Monday, June 29, 2009

Official Reprimands

The first was when you were banging a spoon on one of the chairs in the foodcourt at Divisoria Mall. A lady guard approached and told you sternly that what you were doing was prohibited, before turning to us, your minders.

The second was yesterday. You were wandering near the altar just before Jaden's christening and one of the ladies in charge of the proceedings took your arm to lead you back to the pews. She had to do this twice.

Mommy was half-embarrassed, half-amused.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hitting Mommy

Mommy knows you're usually just frustrated. And though we haven't made a habit of spanking and hitting you to discipline you, we've still done it enough times for you to maybe think it's an acceptable way to express yourself.

Lately, when Mommy refuses to let ypu continue nursing (basically because you're just playing anyway), you sometimes tend to hit. One night, Pappie saw you doing it. I was conversing with you, reminding you that doing that won't get you what you want and would further make Mommy ignore your pleas. Pappie asked me if he did that often. I smiled to myself because I felt the need to lie to protect you and defend you, but I told him the truth and explained you the best way I can.

Pappie said he's going to spank you for hitting me. Because it breaks his heart to see anyone hurting me, even if you're not hitting me hard.

Now, Pappie may sometimes end up hitting you or spanking you because you're getting carried away with the aggression. But do know this, Pappie loves me so much, not even you are allowed to lay a hand on me.

You are very lucky that way. Someday, you will realize how so.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Future Engineer?

It seems my son has been reinforcing the supports of our stackable tray (those multi-level plastic trays) by shooting pens down the hollow supports. I thought it was a new thing he did, but when I got the pen he slipped there today, I saw 6 other pens!


Left baby to Ninang's care last night. We got home at past 12. Heard he had crackers and milk before bedtime. Poor darling, he really gets driven to eat more when am not around.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Divi Trip

It was raining and there is the swine flu scare. But Mommy still thought it a good idea to bring you and Ninang Gang along to Divi. And you loved being out. And you loved running around the Duvisoria Mall foodcourt.

Mommy's glad you're not allergic to seafood, and enjoyed the misua soup with the squid, shrimp and halaan ingredients.

And you were in ecstasies when we were at Anding's Toy shop... delighting over the balls and trying to open everything you can reach. Mommy bought you a drum set, a trumpet and a true-blue harmonica (that you insist she plays for you).


You started climbing the plastic drawer near the computer three days ago. On your own.


You're having a harder time to poop these days so Mommy decided to let you poop on your briefs. You said "Yakk" when you saw Mommy tipping your poop into the toilet bowl.


The drum lasted 3 hours before its surface was dented beyond saving. The trumpet was broken in two an hour after. So much for playing instruments. (Pappie loved the harmonica because it's the same model he bought when he was young)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Progress Report

Yakee had great fun at Momsy's again. He even went with them to buy cake at Conti's and buy food at Chowking, which took him away from us for at least two hours. While away, I heard he ate siomai and drank pineapple juice.


Because we seldom eat at proper times at the in-laws, Yakee was hungry during the trip to Tagaytay. So much so that he managed to eat almost an entire bushel of corn. He later on also had fun eating pineapples while dancing as we had dinner at the market.


He really loves icecream and loves strawberry ice cream. He can even eat around half of a strawberries and banana blizzard at DQ, much to his Ninang's chagrin.


He loves when I hum or sing Flores de Mayo hymns to him and usually falls asleep in no time.


He knows Amelia Bedelia and loves the Bedelia books, but he prefers the one with the
baby and loves pointing out the Dad in the book to me. He also knows Jesus and gets his Kiddie Bibble book when he wants us to 'read' about Jesus.


First succesful time that hetold us that he's going to pee before he actually did. He wouldn't go with the bowl in front of him though and preferred the floor. Actually, whenever I remove his diaper andputs him down, he's taken that as cue for him to pee.


Two areas where we've made pronounced progress is breastfeeding and sleeping. Half the time, when Yakee cries in his sleep and insists on nursing, I can tell him to go back to sleep without the milk and he would. Sometimes, he's even fallen asleep for the night without the milk (on the nights he wouldn't settle readily and has already nursed several times). Also during the day, when I know he's just bored or something, I can tell him to wait or nurse later and he'd go back to playing or running around. Of course, sometimes, there are tears involved. Hehe.


He's really growing long. I'm finding it awkward to have him in my arms, asleep, while travelling because he'd sometimes get in Pappie's way while driving.


He licked a flyswatter today. He ended up crying because he got scared of Tito Rocky's loud voice trying to stop him from what he's doing. But he still loves Tito because he gave him a remote control bug.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Building Forts

It's his big thing right now, building forts. Or rather, turning things into forts... like his rocker... or his cousin's bike. He likes it when I use his puzzle mats to make tents for him. It's really cute and weird for him to be into this thing this early... he even insists on having Pappie as a fort of sorts while watching TV. Makes him feel safe, probably.


He broke his first glass yesterday by throwing it on the table. My fault really because it was glass.


Spanked his bare bottom with my bare hand last night. Twas just one swat really, to make him pay attention. He was being too hyper, and this after he peed on my feet. What annoyed me was, after peeing, he touched his pee (and my foot) eh he was eating chicken nuggets.


I threw his poop into the toilet bowl before discarding his diaper. Then I flushed the toilet so he'd see his poop disappear. He started bending down to see where the poop went to. Funny :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Battles and Struggles

Two nights in a row, I had to take you out of bed because you refused to sleep. The first night, you cried for an hour before you allowed yourself to relax and sleep.

And you refuse to let go of the breasts again and Mommy has PMS, so Mommy suffered your crying this morning. You got exhausted in the end and slept with Mom's caresses.

I'm sorry we're having difficult days my son. I love you.


You learned about GREEN and BLUE yesterday.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Yakee's big thing nowadays is packing his toys away after he played with him, and returning most of the things he plays with. It's really nice when he does it without being told.


He kept dancing while we were having lunch at the Kapitana's house last night. He also kept dancing during the Novena and got quite upset that we left (offered) the flowers at the altar.


He slipped last night while about to drink his milk and ended up spilling the milk on the bed. I chose not to get upset about it and decided instead to take a picture.

You should have seen the surprise and confusion in his face after getting doused with the milk. Hehe. A N@Wie Mom said it best... our son has a great outlook in life for he doesn't cry over spilt milk. :)

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