Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey You

Mommy made you get a haircut. You look cute in it but the gay guy shaving your hair away kept complaining because you'd twitch when you hear the razor being turned on. But basically, you did just sit still.

You usually shout, "Aha!" then make the patience sign when Ice is crying, or when you know we're about to remind you of that. And when you are raring to fight, the sign often makes you smile. Again, it makes you a hundred times cute.

We are often arguing about Dilophosaurus and Oviraptor because you confuse the two and generally assume that all dinos with ridges on their heads are oviraptors. Hehe. But now you've progressed to also telling me that certain dinosaurs eat meat.

After clipping your nails several nights ago, you told Mommy, "Thank you so much." :)

And you love watching your old videos, footages taken when you were still an infant, but would walys say, "Not that" when it's our wedding video being shown you.

You love Elmo's Potty Time and have actually shown progress in peeing in the CR or your potty. You're still not diaper-free though and you still really can't tell us beforehand when you absolutely have to pee, but at least you have control of your muscles to go when we ask you to go pee. Pappie has also been showing you how to properly do it... and the first time he did, you said, "Wow!"

And I was so happy seeing you enjoy yourself at the zoo in Tagaytay, or ride that horse with that stranger. Soon, you will really have more adventures to enjoy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Too Cute Updates

Almost two weeks ago, I was asking you to say bye, bye to the toys you were playing with in Lipa. You said, "Bye bye pig, bye bye cow, bye bye elephant..."

And then you added, "See you again."


I bought books for you today and after all the excited gushing over them, you asked for Pappie and said something about Pappie reading them while signing WAIT.

And you didn't let Mommy read the new books to you.


Lolo's parting reminder to you and Ice was "no fighting." Now, everytime we're about to go to the otehr house, you tell us that while wagging your finger too. You also keep telling Ice that, which annoys him heavily.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Putting Your Own Socks

It was Wednesday night when you put your own socks on without any help at all. Mommy wished she could share it with Pappie since he was worried about how Ice could take his off on his own while you never have, and you're older.

I told your Pappie that it's probably because we have always been there to do it for you. We really should hover less, I think.

But you did, and I was proud just the same.


Much as I love you playing with clay, there are now on an indefinite timeout. Granted, I get annoyed when you 'shred' them in small pieces and scatter them about. I made peace with that earlier, telling myself that it's the price for your hand dexterity. Unfortunately, you decided they're fun to scattter on food. Food is scared. So maybe around two weeks or so without play dough will make you play with it better.

I love you anyway.

And am happy twas Pappie who read to you tonight, and tucked you to bed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weekend Wonder

Mommy still has to do some minor editing on your video, but you were outstandingly hyper last Saturday night/early morning (from all the ice cream) as you danced for Ninang Sancha. Actually, I feel you were more into seeing yourself on cam than actually performing for her. :)

Plus, Pappie did say that you were generally well-behaved last Saturday while with him. You even allowed us to watch our shows and we spent bonding time just sleeping.


Yesterday marked another milestone for you. You sat at the back of Maxime without Mommy and didn't sleep at all in the car. Looked to Mommy like you were playing pretend already, based on the expression in your eyes, your quiet smiles, and the way you'd sometimes just say "Weeeh" when we're going fast on the highway.

You also loved seeing Lolo and playing ball with your cousins in Lipa. *mwah*


One of the more perfect moments from the weekend was waking up to your kisses and then seeing you lying on the floor, on your front, and reading your dinosaur book just after waking up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing Make Believe

Posted this on FB:
Yakee was playing with the bottles of vanilla and banana extract. Suddenly we heard him saying, "Wake up now, wake up." He's laid the bottles on the table. We asked him to kiss the bottles so they'd wake, he did and stood them up again. Then he said Mommy is the vanilla... and Pappie is the banana. Hehe.


You like walking around as if you're a dinosaur, growling and roaring as you do. You also like it very much if Pappie pretends to be a dinosaur and goes after you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Updates On Your Cuteness

The other night, you initiated our bedtime goodnights with a "Goodnight, pillow." and then you prodded me by saying, "Moomy, say sweet dreams." :)


Your resistance has been made stronger by learning to use the word AYAW. But you still like saying NOT YET more.


You wanted to ride the air balloons last night so you can walk on water. I promised you I will let you do so when you're a little older. I don't think they accept kids as young as you. But don't worry baby, you WILL try a lot of things, even if Mommy's heart will be skipping so many beats while you do.


You can better identify letters when Mommy fingerspells them. You're weird and cute that way.


Mommy bought you your first Potty book... hoping that it will entice you to use yours. You at least love reading the book.


You still favor your orange crocs the most... and Mommy always has to make you choose what to wear so you'd wear it. ou even picked out the grapes you liked at the grocery. And you can use the detachable shower head on yourself already. You're really growing up.


You refuse to let Mommy go up if you don't see her and Pappie kiss. You're our marriage keeper indeed!

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