Friday, February 27, 2009

Allergic Conjunctivitis


Yakee isn't really a sickly boy. But we seem to always find ourselves in the doctor's office over weird concerns. Like right now, his eyes.

Good luck with the rest of the days that he'd need oral and eye drops.


He really likes the Signing Time videos and we can easily amuse him with those, we just have to put up with interruptions wherein he'd come to us to demonstrate the sign. So cute!


He and Ice are always quarreling... I think he knows Ice is competition and is always at great pains to try and squeeze a jab or kick his way. Ice returns the unkindness by taking away toys from him, or biting him.

Cousinly love!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Baby, not a Bully

Poor cousin Ice, he was slapped by Yakee in the face which got him crying yesterday. Yakee has yet to officially say sorry to his cousin though. Mommy already talked to him about his quick hands.


On a cute note, Yakee also dances to the pounding of a hammer. I dunno if he actually hears rhythm there or just any sound to him is dance material.


Mommy's getting fed up with the constant night feedings and cryings again.

Monday, February 23, 2009

He Likes his R's

Weird. Yakee will repeat words like Scorky (hub's family's chipmunk), dirty, cracker, cockroach, etc. but we'd be hardpressed to have him repeat other words. But it's cute nonetheless because he's repeating more words now, and signing more words too.

We point to a house, and he'll sign HORSE. Hehe.

Unfortunately, he's gotten too used to watching TV sprawled on his front on the floor, so he does the same at MIL's.

He's also fascinated by chalk and writing doodling (and erasing!) but he couldn't be contained to just the chalkboard.

He started greeting his father with "Pappie" last Thursday. And he loved the shower feature at MIL's :) If only the water here at home isn't too cool for him, I wouldn't need to heat water anymore.

Finally, he's gotten rid of his colds and has his appetite back. And his grandparents and aunts all just adore him so.

Toay, I introduced him to cereals in milk. He seemed to like it, but mainly because he likes milk.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recovering Baby

Both Mommy and Baby got sick so Mommy forgot to update.

Let me see...

He now demands to watch TV... especially baby Signing Time videos. And it's great because he copies the sign language from the video.

His favorite words are 'cracker' and 'cockroach'.

His aunt fed him some red-colored chocolate lollipops (shaped like a rose, a gift from Daryl) and his poop came out red, which alarmed everyone (esply Pappie). Good thing Mommy remembered that it happened to her too before (she feasted on orange-colored chocolate from Chocolate Lover).

He was looking for Mommy last night and was only pacified when given about 2 ounces of fresh milk. Awawa!

He's taken to asking for milk when he sees Mommy on the PC.

After several nights of crying in his sleep and tossing about a lot... he slept soundly last night.

After several days of not eating right, his appetite is back!

And he's soooo cute, Mommy's in love!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Little Sick, A Lot Playful

Yakee went with his Tita Ninangs yesterday to Rob, where he played so much and ate Jollibee Spaghetti. And then he suddenly felt bad and vomited all the spag out.

He still has the colds and he's still warm but he hasn't registered a fever yet really.


He knows the signs for hat and cereal already. And Ninang Grace taught him the "sit down, sit down, you're rocking the boat" thing. And last night, he played with a cotton ball and was soooo amused and involved with it, I was able to massage his father without interruption.

And he slept through the night, almost. Mommy was happy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Further Proof that my Son is Round

Taken by hubs' cousin :)

Won't Sit Still

It's so hard taking pics of Yakee now. He won't sit still nor would he look at the camera.

These pics are from a batch of pics I took of hubs' and his cousins. Too bad he was being a cutie from so far.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teeth and Shadows

All on his own, and because he was manic and refused to listen to our warnings to be careful, slow, etc., my son fell on his face last night.

And again because of his many teeth, he bit his lip and bled.

Am beginning to think it's going to be an every other day thing now... sigh.


He's able to sign cat now :) And we love it when he's looking at one of his books and immitating the babies there for Peek-a-boo, blow, eat, etc :)


His father tried engaging him in shadows by making eagles and dogs with his hands. We thought Yakee would be amazed at the shadows but he did us one better... he proceeded to play with his hands to project his own shadows.

It's really amazing when they make those connections.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Signing Fish

On the way home from Vizcaya, Yakee was tugging at my blouse while doing something with his hand, then looking at the floor of the car. He'd repeat the same and I was confused, what was he telling me?

So I looked intently at the sign he's doing. Fish? I looked at the newspapers scattered on the floor and tried searching for any picture of a fish. That was when I saw the little head of a dilis.

I laughed and told my son, "Oh, yes, fish, there's the fish" and pointed at the dilis head. He chuckled and went back to trying to get us killed by opening the car door while the car was going some 50 miles per hour.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lots of Teeth = Bloody Tumbles

Yakee has 17 teeth now, in varying stages of growth.

And since he likes playing rough, he was having a grand time with Tito Rocky, who put her back down when he was still dizzy.

And because cousin Iya started tugging at him, he fell. Slowly. On his back.

And because of his many teeth, he accidentally bit his tongue. Which bled for a while. Which got him crying.

Tita Sanch hurried to get him a flower to cheer him up. She offered it to him and then got surprised when he whipped out a flower from the inside of his jacket and laughed.

Crazy boy.


Mommy is happy to report that he didn't make the Vizcaya trip unbearable. He was quite antsy on the way to Balai Gloria from the wake but he was entertained by the photoslide Mommy made for him.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why, Oh, Why?

Well, Mommy hates peppering her Mommy blog and the Family blog with Yakee's pics.

No, not really.

But Mommy needs a handy journal to document everything (read: from the mundane to the embarassing to the wonderful and magical) Yakee does... so when he grows up, he'd know the dates of when I accidentally hit his head on the wall, and what new antic he did and when.

Hopefully, his other siblings will have similar blogs... otherwise, this will be a source of sibling rivalry.

And may I update this dutifully.


About nine hours ago, Yakee had his second hair cut and we had his head shaved again. He behaved better this time.

He also got to eat his first official meal of fries because he was soooo quick to pick on his aunts' orders. I didn't want him eating those but it will be more wrong to stop him and yet let him see his aunts eating them. Sigh. End of fast food for him.

And oh, he knows Jollibee already (maybe from commercials since we don't eat there often). And he'd twist the knob on the oven toaster only to sway his hips in time with the ticking. I swear, he dances to any tune, music or noise!

He hated sitting on a revolving teacup though. Hehe.

And we bought new books (well, old ones from Booksale) for him because he's really responding to them now.

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