Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stress Eating

I think God somehow told you that you need to fill up on solids because something's going to happen to Mommy.

Yesterday, you woke up before 8 AM. You had porridge. While I was gone, you had two spanish breads, a banana and those Malaysian chips. When I got home, you were eating lunch of a bowlful of rice. And then you started eating the veggies on my plate and even nibbled on my chicken bones. And then you had breastmilk, of course, as you took your afternoon nap.

After waking up, you had KFC Fun shots (you ate an entire box yourself and even licked the gravy). Then yogurt. Then dinner or rice and veggies. Then a whole sundae.

Which was why you slept through the night and didn't require milk from Mommy.


Today, you had lunch and Yakult. Then you ate an entire apple. Later, you will have dinner and yogurt again (so you won't get constipated from the apple). Hopefully, you won't rage so much about not getting milk.

I'm so proud of you darling. And it hurts Mommy not being able to breastfeed you.


You also had milk and a cookie before I brushed your teeth. Yey.


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