Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wee Wee Trick

I let Yakee go without a diper last night for a while because he's going to take a bath soon anyway, for bedtime.

He spread his legs and I knew he was going to pee on the floor. He only peed a little, took two steps back, then peed again. And then he took two steps back and peed again!

And then he laughed, and as I was tugging him to me so he won't accidentally step on his pee, he ran away from me. And of course, he stepped on the first wee puddle and slipped.


I remember a friend's son finding it funny to pee on the stairs (from the top) so I guess, it's really going to be a while longer before I start potty training my wee one.


Nights are usually war time for us. I don't know it it's because he's turning two but really, he's trying my patience so much these days. No matter how sleepy he is, he refuses to sleep at night and insist on playing on the bed. So lately, he can be heard crying because I banish him from the bed till he really gets tired enough to sleep.


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