Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prize and Surprise

I bought you crayons as prize for your stars. But just after the second night of using them, you've lost interest and went back to your books.


Guess who may have unintentionally had a taste of your balls? And no, it's not Mommy!


When I see videos of baby's sucking vigorously from a breast, my heart melts because I think of you and our early days. Don't worry Baby, I won't force you to wean just yet. Though it's weird that we're now sort of football hold nursing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Star, Starry Hands

Our boy got his first stars today :) Truly well-deserved stars!

He survived his 5-second dunks in the water, and didn't cry in all those times. But he hates getting ears in his ears though. I think he even had earache for a while. And he didn't mind so much getting to swallow some water.

And he's mighty proud and happy with his stars. For a moment I wanted to buy a stamper just to pepper his entire body with stars, so he'd know Mommy is so proud. And happy.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Crazy Boy

He picked up a semi-live big spider.

And he's undertaken the task of guarding a dead cockroach.

And he's developed the habit of drinking bath water in every way possible.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So Many Updates

At his last two swimming sessions, Yakee paid less attention to the instructor. Partly because the water is cold and being put on the platform makes him shiver. Partly because we're now holding the classes at the other side of the pool, nearer the people, so he gets distracted by all the goings on. Partly because he's too comfortable now that it's just really play to him.

We're supposed to be learning how to float but he doesn't like lying on the water. And he insists on kicking on his own rather than suffer my machinations. And he gets tickled when I hold his hips/butt.

He's also stopped jumping into the water. He'd just smile his coy smile and continue looking around. But he allos Teacher Berna to hold him longer and doesn't have any problem being dunked in the water. In fact, last Saturday, amidst his attempts to impress his watching Pappie and Ninangs (which really made him not focus all the more), he also learned to swim to Mommy from a short distance.

And he is top in his class (of two kids below 2 years of age). Hehe.

On his own, he also attempted to blow bubbles in the water when Mommy was only showing him how.

I guess you could say, we were dang too proud of this particular investment!


At the marketplace in Tagaytay, he refused to eat veggies. Instead, he feasted on crispy fried tawilis. Hay.


He's now using "beautiful eyes" a lot to get his way.


He enjoyed spending time with his cousins and basking in the glory of being the bunso. He played for hours on end and even had to sup at 12 AM from all the playing. And today, he learned to say "paper."

Last Friday, he learned to sign "rabbit."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hyper Swimmer

I don't know if it was how I woke him up, or the breakfast he had, or seeing the earlier "Baby and Me" class but my son was super hyper in the water today. He tired me out faster and kept "drowning" me with his splashing and treading. He was just so happy and excited, he hardly followed the instructions.

At one exercise, we (the caregivers) are asked to let our babies hold onto the side landing (?) and let them pick temselves up from there, climb onto the landing and sit. Yakee does one better, he proceeds to crawl the length of the landing. :)

Even the older child who joined us today gave up after being asked to jump in the water. But Yakee did it several times. I'm just hoping his instructors consider him a great reward considering all the crying babies getting out of the water after classes with them. Hehe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Next Michael Phelps

Yakee was dunked in the water several times last Saturday. And he was such a trooper about it. He's the only one clearly enjoying his lessons among his classmates (they are now four in their batch) and is the youngest one having fun. We don't have pics but Pappie caught his entire lesson last Saturday on video :)


He ate a whole donut after. And he didn't cry when he was given his booster shot! Mommy is so proud!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Restless Takaw Boy

I think he's gotten so used to roaming in Marinduque. He's taken to asking to nurse all the time out of boredom.


He's taken to asking for MILK all the time. So I had to buy more fresh milk! And what do you know, he also likes starwberry kreme donuts... and he likes the kreme part! Arg.


He's still in love with mangoes and I just mde him ice candy (mangoes and condensed milk).


Have I mentioned that his swimming classes have started? There are only two of them in the "Baby and Me" class at PCA. Teacher Berna and Charisse adores him because he's been kicking from the start. Plus, he tries his best to walk on water :D And he smiles and giggles and laughs a lot!

Tomorrow, am sure he will make his Pappie proud.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Yakee's home from Marinduque... covered with a tan, insect bites, and a lot of bruises.

But he went home happy. And the pictures will tell just how much fun he had (or we allowed him to have). See, for fear for his life, we opted to scream "No" a lot of times and pull/yank him away from something.

Here's a preview.


Oh yeah, he's just had his first plane trip. Wasn't scared at all of, nor bothered by, the plane ride but refused to sit in the cockpit and pose with the pilot. Mostly because he wanted Mommy. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Slips, Accidents and What-Have-You's

Sunday night, he ran after I bathed him and placed him on a mat so he can wipe his feet. It was my fault that I didn't ask his father to watch him in case he runs... which he did, so he slipped.

That was a mega bump on the head indeed.


He started running a fever so we had Evelyn also massage him. She says he has some pilay again, maybe because of his slip the previous day, or the entire weekend he spent dancing on the backrest of MIL's sofa and then jumping into his Ninang's arms. Hay.


I left him sleeping beside his Pappie so I could get my massage. He woke up, pooped, and rouse his father by playing with his poop. Pappie says he was uber traumatized.


Mommy was late in submitting his pic but it was still included in the Baby Magazine April issue, "I Love the Water". He's the one with the big grin in the top/middle of page 4.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Real Commute

Yakee had his first real commute last Friday, April 03. It was also the first time Mommy brought him anywhere all by herself.

He was mostly quiet and observing-feeling the new experience. We rode a jeep to Taft P. Gil then boarded a bus for las PiƱas. Then we rode a tricycle for Momsy's place where Yakee was standing the whole time during the ride.


Of course, Momsy and Lolo and his aunts and uncle and yaya Tina enjoyed having him around. Ninang Ira absolutely loved the way he'd sign monkey.

He also played with Iya in her pool, which we set up in the garage, two days in a row. And he ate soooo much veggies, the adults were again thrilled.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ay Wub Wu

Without asking you to say it back, you said those words to Mommy. Poor Pappie is a little jealous because he (and Ninang Rez) have been teaching you to say it back to them. But you repeated it to me! :)

Mommy can't wait for you to really say it and mean it. In the meantime, Mommy is content with the hugs and the way you cling to Mommy, and the way you call to her. She knows you lover her. She hopes you know she loves you more than life itself.


Pappie is wondering who's been feeding you these days because you've suddenly started weighing heavily in our arms. Or what's being fed to you. He even says your cheeks are getting chubby again.

Maybe it's all the milk your drinking that isn't Mommy's, on top of all your food intake.


Love it when you try to cackle like a chicken :)

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