Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life Got the Better of Me, Panganay

Pappie Jojo: Anak, you're so thin, please eat more ha?
Yakee: Yes, papa... You... You're so soft


Engr Nice ito ang future X-gamer ... And since restricted pa na magsubok siya ng totoong skateboard, tuloy ko muna enthusiasm niya thru fingerboard ehehehhe


Sigh. Ganun ata talaga.

Ang favorite subject ni Yakee is P.E.... The one thing I hate now because it requires me to move, haha.

But Pappie Jojo, I am loving the arnis... So easy to just come up with things to do with it. 
And proof of Yakee's enjoyment... He has not stopped lovingly thanking me, telling me he loves me and requesting for more exercises later.


Yakee just recited, with about 95% accuracy, a 160-word story from memory.

Sometimes, I find myself sighing that he refuses to read the written word... Even if he can already. But God made his ears sharper than his eyes eh, what can I do? 

Bbee... And it's not like we read the Transformers book to him everyday, all the time. Galing no?
Prize naman dyan! Haha


Batang Pinoy = Arnis

(Haha, ekshuli, these will be our exercise sticks for years)



Haha... Aliw na aliw ako sa arrow holder nya Pappie Jojo.


Sana lagi silang masaya sa kahon lang... Hehe 


Yakee just sang the first few lines of Living On The Edge... 

... Thank God he isn't tone deaf like me.



Me: this... This is the reason why I insist on naps when you have swimming lessons. Because when you don't take a proper one, your behavior turns ugly.

Yakee: you don't love me anymore. You're calling me ugly.

Me: I didn't say you were ugly. I am saying all the whining and arguing and crying is ugly. This is ugly behavior!

Yakee: you're calling me ugly. You are so bad.

Sigh.... I was bad. We don't say UGLY in our family.

Can I blame the blasted heat and brownout?


Yakee is teaching Yamee about the Solar system... Love it! 

Yakee: See, here, this is Mars... That is Saturn. 
Yamee: Ert.


Yakee: why did you fix the bed here?
Me: sorry darling... Despite tito Joram's best efforts, the aircon is still broken so we're sleeping here downstairs.
Yakee: you mean we're always going to sleep here?
Me: well... Mommy and Pappie are going to explore our options... 
Yakee: but how can I sleep upstairs? Tomorrow is BBB (boys in the big bed night)

Awww... Find a way to console panganay Pappie Jojo... He won't accept the sofa bed as 'big bed' e


Yakee: Mommy, just read to me from the tablet ok?
Me: Are you sure? Don't you wan the tablet to just read to you?
Yakee: No... Read to me from the tablet. It's because I want to hear your sweet voice ok?

(Hubs is asleep na... When he reads this, he'd wonder again how our sons could love my singing voice... But not his... Me being tone deaf... Haha... True devotion from sons lang!)



(while playing with Yamee)
Hopia... Hopia, butter popcorn

(san na yung mani, anak? haha)


Mommy... is it time to eat? Because... because my body is sacred. It has to be fed. And i'm so hungry already!


Watching a Pugutan play may not exactly be the usual way of teaching more about the Bible... but Yakee was enthralled... and now wouldn't shut up about heaven.


Yakee asked if this was yours, Ninang XiAh... When i answered yes, he said next..."ay dapat this is yours"

Pano ba yan? Wahahaha


In the middle of barfing the other day, Yakee turned to me and said, "It's ok Mommy, I forgive you."

Taken aback, I said, "forgive me for what?"

He answered, "I forgive you for giving me too much grapes. It's okay, I still love you even if you make mistakes."

Sigh... my mistake talaga ha!


Yakee: Mommy, i'm the leader ha? Papa Jesus, thank you that I played with Oona today. Please take care of her and don't let her be sick.

Naks naman Laya... I thought he was going to thank God for the books we bought eh, haha... Pero talagang si Oona ang pinagdasal.


This is fun rolling around! 


When I looked in on the boys before taking a shower, I saw Yakee sliding down the banister.

Me: Iakob! I already asked you to stop doing that because Yamee will immitate you for sure. You knew I was going to take a shower, what if Yamee did that and I wasn't here?
Yakee: Eh, I can catch him naman if he falls eh.
Me: No mahal, you cannot assume that. Even Mommy cannot guarantee that. Remember when yamee fell before, both Mommy and Pappie didn't get to catch him.
(with tears springing in his eyes)
Yakee: But I can catch him because I am the hero. That's why God chose me.

Oh gosh... That shut me up. Had to shower first before taking up the matter again with him.


Yakee: Pappie, do you know why God chose me? (Referring, i think, to why he was our son)

Pappie Jojo: No, why?

Y: Because... He wants me to get angry to you so you will remember to follow God.

And do you know why God chose Yamee? It's because he wants me to remember that we have to be kind to each other. That's why.

(I believed in a concept of a God before I got married, but my faith seems to be growing along with my sons).


Yakee's prayer:
Papa Jesus, please touch Yamee's heart so that he will cooperate and listen better. Please touch Mommy and Pappie Jojo's hearts too so that they will be better.... (prompted by Pappie, 'parents'). And Papa Jesus, thank you that I am behaving better.

(basta something that went like that... I couldn't concentrate on the words kasi I got teary-eyed na... he was mimicking MY prayers but also made it his own... and between him and me, I think God will respond to his prayers better)


While my sis was showing me her yarn purchases for me...

Yakee: Mommy, you are so lucky.
Me: why am I lucky?
Y: Because you have so much yarn.

Haha... I am more happy that he's adopting my prompts of celebrating what one has.


It's the secondd time Yakee has asked me to explain DOOM to him. And weirdly enough, he seems to have picked up the word from a Disney song.. haha


Yakee insisted on reading the next book in our Ball-Stick-Bird series.

Y: Mommy, E
Me: Yes, you remember it has two sounds.
Y: Eh... As in elephant?
Me: And the other one?
Y: Eee... Hmmm, as in eee-bon?

Eto na... Simula na ng Filipino - English confusion.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's 2013 and You Will Be Enrolled

January 2013 almost ending, I know.

Well... it was a very busy December for us and up to now, Mommy hasn't really mastered the art of domestic chores yet. So, yes, homeschooling has been put on hold. I am so sorry son.

In the meantime. I accidentaly rekindled your fascination for dinosaurs again in a big way. For a time, you were more into superheroes and ninjas already.

You are still adjusting to nurturers having come and gone... we're now going on 3 weeks of your constant/nervous peeing after Ninang Grace left. But happiness though, a fourth of the time, you wash yourself after pooping. Pappie told you that you had to learn that this year... and just like sleeping in your own bed, you just did it. I didn't need to prod you.

You and Yamee are stretching me sooo much currently over your constant squabbles but it's also really nice that you are both at a point where you can really play together, and even gang up on me together.

And health-wise, you were the most brilliant of all because after recovering from colds, you've been clear since with no repeat incidences. Thank you for humoring me with Buteyko exercises. And much as I love you, I really have to wean you off candy.


Miscellaneous FB Updates:

Proof that language a child is exposed to stays with them... Yakee prefers singing 6 little ducks in Spanish after hearing me play it, when he already knows rhe English version.


Yakee: Pappie, stop teasing me.
Pappie: Sorry, I just wanted to see if you will share the chocolate.
Me: Pappie was testing you, mahal.
Yakee: Eh Pappie, don't test me, I'm not a robot.


Yamee fell and hit his head, partly because Kuya pushed the bed he was hanging from. As he was inconsolably crying, Kuya kept saying sorry. At a loss, Yakee started licking the back of his hand and arm... and Yamee stopped crying while watching his brother in fascination. Then he started licking his own arm and finally smiled.

As I was trying not to barf, Yakee said, "Mommy, it's because we're cats, right?"


Yakee has seesawed between just whining, outright crying and stomping his feet (wag na isipin pano nag-seesaw sa 3 directions!) over ice cream... all because an ice cream man did not give him ice cream.

Nasanay ata sa mga birthday parties na hihingi lang sya, hindi naisip to ask me for money so he can buy. Ayan, depressed :D

Is that good or bad, Pappie Jojo?


Yakee has been at us to get his head shaved... And I like Yamee without hair... So there!


Because of a freebie mag on animals, I used the word 'blend' and that ended in a discussion of why and how animals camouflage with Yakee (homeschooling instant subject)... and though I generally veto computer use, Google Images and Youtube came in handy when he said, "Mommy, I wish I can see a chameleon changing colors."

Unfortunately though, he is now wooing me to allow him and Yamee to have a chameleon for a pet.


In the midst of washing the clothes I couldn't have the laundromat do (read: soiled and uber mucky clothes of the boys), Yakee decided to play DJ with my laptop.

Then he came to me and said, "Mommy, this is my most favorite song for you."

And then I hear the initial strains of 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?'


It didn't give me energy for the laundry but it did ensure he gets yema tomorrow :D


Yakee just drew tears on Mama Mary's face (from the printed nativity scene) and told me she's crying coz she had a baby. I asked why Mama Mary would cry and he said..'because for a long time, she didn't have a baby'

Awww... I had to say a prayer for TTC couples tuloy.


Awww... I just found out that the little wooden bookmarks for Yakee's friends weren't given away this morning... Sorry Yakee's friends! I think my boys forgot in all the excitement :)


Because Yakee dropped his spoon, I asked hubs to get a spoon from the setting at a nearby empty table at Zamboanga Restaurant. After handing it to Yakee, he asked his dad, " did you steal this?"


(speaking in a hoarse voice)
Me: Iakob, could you please kiss me on my forehead?
Yakee: Aww (proceeding to grant the request). Why are you talking like that Mommy?
Me: I'm so sick anak.
Yakee: Aww... Can you go to heaven?

Wahh... Bastusan!

(ekshuli ang separation anxiety nya nagma manifest as his fear of me dying. After umalis nung last helper namin, bigla sya uli nagtatanong if I died when I gave birth, mga ganun. Eh 2 days ago, mega iyak sya when I took a separate car from them. Kaya ayan, pinapatay na naman ako!)


Both boys reached milestones tonight... Which ended in tears for the Bunso whose creation was knocked over by Kuya accidentally.


Yakee finished his first Ball Stick Bird book - Dec 31

Masahista told me that when she was massaging me when I had the flu, yakee would also massage me while telling me he loved me.

I have no recollection of that... But I do remember waking up coughing and finding Yakee lying down beside me, just watching me sleep.

Sigh. Proof the boys were so neglected that time.


Yakee: Mommy, let's talk where the foods I eat go to my body, ok?
Me: Ok.
Yakee: But first, let's talk why girls do not have a pututoy.

Needless to say, the best I could do was say boys and girls have differently-shaped pipes/hoses where the pee comes out.

(Kaloka eh... I first tried being technical, saying girls have a different urethra etc... Yakee said, "Oh so girls pee using their pwet?" So, fireman's hose it is!)


It is upsetting to watch your child grapple with the stresses of life. However, I really hope I can find a way to rid Yakee of his morbid tendencies whenever he's faced with separation anxiety... because he also tends to scare me.



We miss and love you...

 Yakee prayed 'thanks for the spaghetti from ninang Josephine and the iPad from ninang XiAh' last night.

Yakee naman is 57 duplo blocks tall!

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