Monday, September 28, 2009

Stressful Weekend

Let's start Friday. We brought you to the Intelicare pedia to consult your noisy breathing. Since you're active (hyper even), do not have fever, coughs or colds, and the noisy breathing was not present at the time of consultation, we were advised to just observe you and salinase you at night.

Because Mommy was happy, we shopped for groceries while you ate a waffle while riding in the cart. Then I gave you some Yakult. Then we went to Mangan and you loved the fried cassava strips and then later, the sago't gulaman. Then you refused to come home with us because you loved dancing with the blinking Christmas lights.


Saturday, typhoon Ondoy came upon us.

At first, Pappie was texting me that he was entertaining you by letting you run after cockroaches as they seemed excited by the rains. And then, the other house started getting flooded and you were excited about it. So much so that you slipped twice in the flood.

When flood waters started seeping into our home, you were excited yet again and before I knew it, you had slipped for the 3rd time. What's worse, you fell face down and Mommy's head was pounding from the worry of you getting sick. What if you accidentally drank some of the water? How could we rush you to the ER?

After that, we refused to let you sand on the floor and it upset you so. The only thing that will stop the crying was walking with you all over the ground floor so you can ejoy the water being sloshed by our feet.

And when we finally allowed you to stand on the floor after the water was gone and we've cleaned it, you were absolutely ecstatic. I'd imagine you thought it felt like being allowed to walk again.


Mommy left you alone for a while to get your dinner last Saturday night. You must have gotten impatient and started playing with the door knob, accidentally locking yourself in. Tita Ninang panicked and started screaming and Pappie also panicked. Mommy wasn't really worried because although she knew you were scared, she also knew you were somewhere safe. Fortunately, because you're a relentless kind of person, you managed to unlock the door on your own.


You fell down the stairs at past 7 PM Sunday night. Good thing you were able to grab onto the railing and Mommy was able to catch your face as you fell so you really only hit your knees on the steps. You cried, but I feel mostly because Mommy screamed.

But all these things were not enough to make you listen to us. I think too much excitement has also made you more hardheaded than usual.


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