Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cake Reveller

Well, I guess the three-hour nap helped improve his move immensely. He barely had lunch because he was throwing tantrums, flinging food, and just really being difficult.

But anyway, after the nap, he was okay. And Pappie made nachos for merienda which he loved. Of course, he really only loves the tortilla chips and cheese sauce.

And then we had cake. This cake was made by Pappie last Friday at the Goldilocks event and it was only today that we got him to pose with it. After this shot, I got a thick slice for us all three to share. I also had the jelly, sugary tubes for decorating out and we taught Yakee to squeeze it on the cake.

Bad news for Mommy though... he loved the sugar flowers (esply the big, tangy ones) and at one point, he scopped up an entire layer of icing, put it in his mouth and didn't gag from all its buttercream goodness. Ouch! Pappie was shocked to see him eat Mommy's icing, and Mommy was sure he would spit it out because it's very rich... but alas, Yakee got Mommy's mocha cake toth after all (because he still generally doesn't like sweets).


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