Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Stories

Our weekend started with Mommy bringing you to the Anvil Booksale where you had so much fun disturbing the books, going through them, running about and shrieking. You also kept slipping from the chair and one time, you also had Mommy read you The Magical Violin book there and then.

Your eyes puffed a little from all the dust, and even the next day, your eyes still showed some puffiness.


While going through your new Barney book, Mommy was asking you to tell her where the cat is and told you that it's near the guitar. You said, "No guitar, mandolin!" :D Mommy couldn't be happier being corrected.


Last night, Mommy gave you the key from her Readers Digest subscription. Pappie heard you say something like, "I have a key, it will open a car." :) Pappie was amazed and Mommy asked you, "Yakee, what is the key for?" and you responded, "open a car!" :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


You've already had 5 bowls of cereal (not so much per bowl but still) while watching videos... you're turning into Mommy, snacking while watching!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinosaurs, Numbers and Alphabet

Mommy was amazed when you proved that you could identify the dinosaurs in your book. You at least can differentiate the coelophysis, maisaura, T-Rex, triceratops, gigantosaurus, brachiasaurus, prenocephale and velociraptor. At first I thought you just memorized their position in the pages but you could still point out the right one when we look at the back page, proving that just like with the instruments, you can spot the distinctions.


You could sing the alphabet song but can't really identify letters yet. But you're always trying to imitate the fingerspelling diagram that Mommy posted beside your changing table. So now, you can do A, B, C, F, L and O. For some reason, you really still can't do the V sign. But no matter... your hand dexterity is still developing anyway and it's enough that you're learning.


Mommy and Pappie were surprised that you actually can chant from 1-10. We found this out when you recited it while we were going down the stairs last night. You also sometimes pretend you're counting and can get to 5 so it's also just really a matter of time before you can actually count.


We understand your verbalization half the time. I am excited with the WHy phase coming up.


You weirdly ate two cupcakes at the wake last night, even after having supper. And you ate rice and chicken after we got home.

You also tried climbing up the coffin and tried supporting yourself with one of the coffin handles. Disaster. We went home immediately after that lest the coffin falls on you, and Lolo Rudy's corpse comes out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Smart Baby

It is not immediately apparent what the milestone is in this picture. But look closely and you'll see that my darling son put most of the trumpet-looking things together... and the flute-looking things together. He also put the accordion, glockenspiel and xylophone together while at the other end, he put the organ and reed organ near each other.

It's not perfect but it shows that he's establishing order and able to make associations already. Not to mention that he knows most of the names of these instruments (whether you ask him where something is, or ask him what picture you're holding). The things that confuse him and still won't register are glockenspiel, violoncello, cornet a piston, etc and that's okay, we're not hard to please.

Sometimes, I can't help but worry that my son still cannot identify letters, for example, like other 2 year olds. But times like this remind me that he knows other things and is not necessarily behind. I am so proud!


You have acute otitis media now my darling... Mommy is sorry if she failed in some way somehow. But Mommy is also blessed that you're generally cooperative when it comes to taking meds. I love you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Note for Mom

You slipped twice and bumped your head twice on the floor during the weekend. Saturday and Sunday. I'm making note of this in case you get particularly wonky.

And poor baby still had colds so you really couldn't do your underwater antics because you couldn't breathe right. But you still had so much fun, it was sinful.

And tonight, because Mommy isn't feeling well, you did not insist on your stories and meme and slept on your own. Mommy loves you for it. Mommy is very thankful.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Awawa Boy

Sunday, three of your fingers got caught in one of Maxime's doors when Momsy shut it and I let go of your hands to turn off the light inside the car. Took you about 10-20 seconds before you started crying. And you hated dipping your fingers in cold water... or holding ice.

But at the Church, you feasted on quail eggs, using your injured hand. Later on, you were supporting your body using both hands to swing yourself. I knew then that you'd just be fine.

Monday night, Pappie hit you with one of the car doors... on the face/forehead. But you didn't cry.

I also saw you balancing yourself on the edge of the sofa while watching Momsy sweeping.

Seriously, my son, I am sure other parents will consider you a nightmare of a son because of your exuberance, curiosity and spirit.

Lolo says that you're that way because you're making up for all the activities your father didn't do when he was young. After all, he stayed put for hours wherever you put him. he was that behaved. And that your kind is better compared to quiet, shy, sensitive and sickly babies.

Now, you're sick with coughs and colds. And for some 20 minutes, we were holding a control contest in the CR where Mommy was trying to wash you, and you insisted on throwing tantrums. Nobody won and we both felt ugly and exhausted after. But at least you ate your lunch and I got you to sleep.

Mommy is sorry if she doesn't always have a long fuse. If she doesn't always understand. But Mommy loves you so much. Always. In all ways.

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