Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sigh, Son

One thing am really happy about is the fact that you can also stomach ginger tea, which I believe helps us more than Ascof Lagundi does. I am hoping you won't progress to pneumonia, that this isn't a primary complex sign and that you won't be sick during the Holidays.

Oh and you also like uncooked chopped chinese cabbage.

I also told your Pappie that am sure you're going to fall off the stairs anytime soon because you've been trying to balance on that side ledge and you keep running and turning while on the stairs.


I know not everything is about me but I can't help but wonder if our daily struggles recently is also the reason why you're being extra violent and jealous of Ice. Poor ice is getting real abused by you. We've made an agreement with Tito Jun though that when you guys are about 5 or 6, we'd just really let you rough each other up. By then, your advantage over him wouldn't be that big anymore. Right now though, you can still literally push him around eventhough he can scratch, claw and hit right back.


You slept and woke up asking me for apples yesterday. I love that you love fruits!


You also exclaim, "Wow, delicious! Yummy" all the time now when you're eating. And I believe you said "hawaking" the other day. :)


When you ask me to sing in bed or when am putting you down for a nap, you're basically asking me to hum TUHOG NA BULAKLAK. You'd usually hum along at first then drift off to sleep.


I really love you, Baby. I really, really do.


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