Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bubbly Bunso

You ate an entire cob of corn again yesterday. And all this long weekend, people have marveled over your appetite, and the fact that you really like feeding yourself. You squashed and got so excited over Lianne's rabbits (KC and Chloe), kept staking your claim over the organ, kept making everyone laugh, kept dancing and singing and responding when you're not the one being talked to.

Momsy and Ninang Ira gave you your first licked bowl experience... it was a bowl of cocoa powder and butter or the fudgies that we were making. You loved it.

And you loved being able to wash your own hands at Momsy's, just by pushing a chair to get to the faucet.

And you ran like the wind all over Heritage Park, and enjoyed watching planes pass by, and entertained guests by dancing when a woman sang. And you looked so cute and wonderful in your outfit.

And lately, you're fairly content with short naps... but still really love napping in the car.

Mommy and Pappie couldn't have been more prouder.


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