Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shots Time

Yesterday, Mommy finally brought you to your pedia again for your Hepa A shots. The doctor found you behaved since you'd put back the dusty teddy bears Mommy would ask you to put back. And you sat on Mommy's lap willingly, allowed the doctor to use his stethoscope on you and looked him straight in the eye while he was injecting the shot.

Plus, you did not even cry and insisted only in being allowed to wash your hands.

He asked Mommy if you can do these things and I said YES to all of them:
1) go up and down the stairs unaided
2) pull down your own pants
3) remove your shoes
4) know 50 words at least

So the verdict was, you're just growing beautifully. He was a little concerned that you did not gain much weight in six months but seeing you gained enough considering the entire year, all was well. He did advise Mommy to wean and just feed you more. I told him we don't have problems feeding you right but you're just way too hyperactive.

Mommy felt validated :) And am really happy you're growing so well.


The tantrums came back again after the weekend but so far, we've been good. I still have to put up with a lot of scratching and crying but you're still pretty manageable.


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