Monday, July 13, 2009

Missing Your Shaved Head

Everybody's been commenting about your hair, how long it already is, how unruly, how weird. And last Saturday, we realized that if your "buntot" goes to your right, your lolo Ruben's goes to his left. Hehe.

Oh, you kept stepping on lolo's foot that was swollen with gout when we visited him in the hospital. But he loves you so he didn't mind much.


Pappie is worried that you'd be a handful in Boracay. And he was asking me why you're already "terrible" when you're not even two. I told him that you've been fairly advanced socially, verbally, physically so it isn't a surprise that you are one raging independent, curious, overactive boy now. I should keep you away from sweets though if we're to manage for five days in Boracay...

We love you. We're struggling with you but we love you. And we wouldn't have it any other way because you are a cute, healthy, smart, loving, lovable kid.


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