Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Divi Trip

It was raining and there is the swine flu scare. But Mommy still thought it a good idea to bring you and Ninang Gang along to Divi. And you loved being out. And you loved running around the Duvisoria Mall foodcourt.

Mommy's glad you're not allergic to seafood, and enjoyed the misua soup with the squid, shrimp and halaan ingredients.

And you were in ecstasies when we were at Anding's Toy shop... delighting over the balls and trying to open everything you can reach. Mommy bought you a drum set, a trumpet and a true-blue harmonica (that you insist she plays for you).


You started climbing the plastic drawer near the computer three days ago. On your own.


You're having a harder time to poop these days so Mommy decided to let you poop on your briefs. You said "Yakk" when you saw Mommy tipping your poop into the toilet bowl.


The drum lasted 3 hours before its surface was dented beyond saving. The trumpet was broken in two an hour after. So much for playing instruments. (Pappie loved the harmonica because it's the same model he bought when he was young)


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