Thursday, September 17, 2009


The happiest something I want to document is the incident last night when I told you to get Pappie to read to you your Charlie Bird book. Not only did you remember that we took it down with you yesterday morning and that you hid it in your table, but you really knew which book I was referencing to.


You were delighted with your musical instruments chart. And also with your drum this morning.


You managed to get to your changing area by climbing over the chests. Mom was upset while you were doing it but Mommy cannot deny how limber you are.


We have a video of you playing with your guitar and improvising by tucking a hanger in your Pappie's luggage to use it as mic. Unfortunately, you were stark naked so we cannot post it on Youtube. Towards the end of the 3-minute video, one can distinctly hear you singing E-I-E-I-O :)


Your recent fave phrase is, "Mommy, see me" meaning, to look at you. :)


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