Monday, October 5, 2009

Secure, Insecure

At the church yesterday, you engaged a boy your age to play. Basically, you guys just kept laughing, running and trying to touch each other. One time, however, you guys bumped each other. You immediately approached me with a sad face, and I could see you fighting back tears. I know you must have felt threatened rather than gotten hurt actually. But you did not really cry and you immediately left my arms to start approaching the boy again.

The other boy, however, was scared to go anywhere near you anymore. And because he wouldn't come near you anymore, you kept pointing at an area and kept signing "go".


During your sleep, you woke up crying. When you realized that my back was to you, you cried all the more and sat up, and started turning my head back to you. I thought you were going to ask for milk and was ready to remind you that it wasn't morning yet. So I turned towards you. You hugged me and fell back to sleep... with your back turned to me.


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