Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Month of Updates

... and I can't think of anything.

But ahh, last night, while playing in your tub, and Mommy was showering with you after we both got steamed... you said, "Mommy, your breasts are my friends." I asked why and you said, "Because I dudu." :)


At the OB check-up I had, you asked me if the doctor was going to give you a lollipop. The poor OB then had to steal a candy from the pedia she's sharing the clinic with to give to you. Needless to say though, you were happy. And the candy habit with doctors was further reinforced.


When you were reunited with Lianne and Iya that weekend you all visited Lolo before he was disachrged from the hospital, the girls refused to play with you and even closed the door on you, which led you to crying. Yaya scolded them for you but well, they had a good reason though... you liked boxing with them :)

And then last weekend, you wanted to play with your friends (Kat, Eli, Nicole) but they didn't want to play with a boy. You rushed to me and called me and you were oh so cute trying to fight back tears. All the guests at the baptism found you adorable as you blinked back tears, then succumbed to weeping. Mommy's heart was broken with yours, darling...

Later though, you accidentally kicked Zach on the lip as you boys were playing with a balloon. And you and Zach and Nicole all swam in the pool without really playing with each other. Hehe.


Pappie made you this.

For a while, you like chanting, "I'm a robot, a crazy robot." while wearing it. But now, when I put it on you, you tell me you're a plane.


About two weeks ago, you decided to climb the stairs while hanging on the rails, on the danger side.

And you have been enjoying the new mattresses as jumping boards.


My heart bled again when you refused to join the Gymboree thingie because you didn't know any of the kids. We really have to get you into a class and get you used to interacting with strangers.

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