Saturday, August 29, 2009


In a word, you are a HANDFUL.


Nobody can keep up with you. And you're lucky your aunts dote on you because you can sometimes be really mean with Iya, who is very patient with you. Well, we all know that you don't know better. And you do have your shining moments of real sweetness and cuteness that you are easily forgiven.

You like going up and down the stairs again, and find it utterly funny to be able to hold onto the handrail and not just the side ones.

You like getting water from the jug and getting us to drink it.

You like pouring liquids in cups. And you have a taste for Yakult again.

You are addicted to the Brainy Baby "Sounds" and "Music" videos. Or Curious George.

And last night, without any prompting at all, after seeing that Mommy brought ice cream, you giggled in glee and signed THANK YOU.


Mommy spanked you real hard today/yesterday because you tried climbing up the stove to see your eggs being cooked. You could have been scalded and burned and Mommy was absolutely terrified. I think you were surprised by being really spanked and hearing Mommy scream that way that you didn't cry much and absolutely kept quiet for several minutes. You also stayed where I put you.

And when Mommy was apologizing and explaining, you just kept kissing Mommy and saying "Okay".

And you were sweet and manageable all the rest of the day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Difficult Day


You started the day by crying and throwing a tantrum as early as 7 AM, when we're still in bed and I was nursing you.

You refused everything I offered you, but later ate the porridge we bought. You only willingly ate because you were watching cartoons with Ice.

And then you nursed while I told you your birthing story... and fell asleep. But some sort of radar you had told you that Mommy's breast is no longer in your mouth so you woke up and got upset, even with Mommy beside you. After thirty minutes of throwing a tantrum, you did sleep on your own. For two hours.

After that, you were your usual happy self till you woke up after your late afternoon nap. Again, tantrums at not being able to play all you want with the faucet while Mommy was cooking. And just before your night bath, you were throwing cups and chair. You also bit Mommy's arm.


A milestone... you were able to open the latch in the screen door. Now we're really going to have a harder time containing you at home.


Pappie bought you a replacement guitar last night and you broke the strings today.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wee Wee Trick

I let Yakee go without a diper last night for a while because he's going to take a bath soon anyway, for bedtime.

He spread his legs and I knew he was going to pee on the floor. He only peed a little, took two steps back, then peed again. And then he took two steps back and peed again!

And then he laughed, and as I was tugging him to me so he won't accidentally step on his pee, he ran away from me. And of course, he stepped on the first wee puddle and slipped.


I remember a friend's son finding it funny to pee on the stairs (from the top) so I guess, it's really going to be a while longer before I start potty training my wee one.


Nights are usually war time for us. I don't know it it's because he's turning two but really, he's trying my patience so much these days. No matter how sleepy he is, he refuses to sleep at night and insist on playing on the bed. So lately, he can be heard crying because I banish him from the bed till he really gets tired enough to sleep.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cake Reveller

Well, I guess the three-hour nap helped improve his move immensely. He barely had lunch because he was throwing tantrums, flinging food, and just really being difficult.

But anyway, after the nap, he was okay. And Pappie made nachos for merienda which he loved. Of course, he really only loves the tortilla chips and cheese sauce.

And then we had cake. This cake was made by Pappie last Friday at the Goldilocks event and it was only today that we got him to pose with it. After this shot, I got a thick slice for us all three to share. I also had the jelly, sugary tubes for decorating out and we taught Yakee to squeeze it on the cake.

Bad news for Mommy though... he loved the sugar flowers (esply the big, tangy ones) and at one point, he scopped up an entire layer of icing, put it in his mouth and didn't gag from all its buttercream goodness. Ouch! Pappie was shocked to see him eat Mommy's icing, and Mommy was sure he would spit it out because it's very rich... but alas, Yakee got Mommy's mocha cake toth after all (because he still generally doesn't like sweets).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bye to Cory, Baby

Pappie brought you to the corner of Quirino and OsmeƱa for Cory's funeral cortege. You marvelled at the doves, the number of people, and the helicopter. And then rain started falling hard just after Cory's truck passed and you pooped, so Pappie brought you home.

The excitement must have been to much for you because it took over two hours getting you to nap, and much tears and wailing, and a chair-throwing tantrum. Heck, you even threw yourself on the floor in front of the CR... hay...

But after your nap, you were your usual happy self. Howell, all's well that ends well, and you did get to say your goodbye to an icon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


You held out your hands to Ice to 'ask' him to dance. Then you did your signature hip-bumping.

It was the sweetest thing, my love. And then you and Ice spent some moments with your heads on the floor, looking at each other and just talking. Sigh.

It almost makes up for all the time you refuse to share toys with him, which is 90% of the time. Hehe.

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