Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sick Boy Getting Better

For some weird, I hope viral, reason... you got sick last Thursday. You just suddenly ran high fevers and even barfed twice. You also slept a lot and was just lethargic all day, it scared us.

Funny though, when I started retching while helping clean your vomit up the second time, you quietly moved the basin where we told you to barf into in front of me. So sweet of you, even when sick.

The following day, you pretty much recovered but I still brought you to the doctor. While waiting at the clinic, you kept telling me you loved me. And because we napped late that afternoon, we watched Ninja Assassin on HBO. You were greatly moved by all the violence, you kept asking me if you can learn that martial art and to buy you a ninja star.

Oh and when you were running high fevers, I'd ask you to stay away from Yamee but you'd still end up sleeping beside him. Sometimes, you'd even drape your arm around him which will upset him since you'd be very hot.

Anyway, am happy you're recovering baby. Love you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Struggling With You

Discipline is a big issue for us these days. You've lately been really contrary. And we still have to find a way to cure you of your hitting.

Last night though, before we watched The Shadow and the Phantom, you were singing a lot of songs to me. It's a delight having you come up with songs about our family and about RPG (the movie). I'd have recorded it but it would spoil the moment. I also started you on tongue twisters.

And oh, I dunno why Mockingbird Hill is your current fave lullaby.

Toy Story 3 was your first movie in a theater. The second is RPG: Metanoia.

And because Yamee's getting to be more engaging, you have been seeking attention by gigil-ing him or us. But always, you tell him you love him. And you remind me to get him. And you still don't like sharing him with Ice.


Misc FB updates and asides:
~ is so out of shape... she pulled a muscle just from playing tag with Yakee *sus*

~ Yakee was just 1 year and 2 months old here... picking up candy/cookie crumbs from the Cookie Xmas tree... I am feeling senti coz he woke up at 5 AM today, asked for milk, 2 bowls of cereals, a banana and a sandwich

~ Me: "I thought I was your lady love and the Queen?" Yakee: "Yes Mommy. But you have to change clothes Mommy." (uhm... yun ba ang ginagawa ni Queen Guinevere for King Arthur and Sir Lancelot noon? wehehe)

~ Yakee: Papa Jesus, thank you for watching Metanoia. They have guns! They are fighting the guns!!! (yun lang!)

~ It breaks my heart that one way Yakee's coping with his father's absence (due to work) is to 'reassure' Yamee all the time that there's "no more Pappie," projecting to his younger bro his expectation setting...

~ Yakee: I want to follow you! Ninang: You're not my shadow! (talaga naman!)

~ Yakee: Mommy I have a face. I cannot remove my face!

~ Yakee: Come on, ninang, let's make the puzzle! Ninang: You make it, i'll just watch. Yakee: But... but... I'm not perfect!!! (nyahahaha)

~ Pappie: Yakee, let's share your milk. (drinks from Yakee's cup) Mmmm, now Pappie will grow big and strong like Yakee! Yakee: Yes!!! Because this is Mommy's milk! (silence) Pappie (to me): Mahal, milk mo ba to? Yung totoo?!

~ Pappie: "Ouch, you hit Pappie's eggs." (referring to his balls) Yakee (confused): "Where?" Pappie (still trying to remember the right term to use): "You know what, you also have eggs." Yakee (indignant now): "No Pappie, no. I cannot have eggs. I'm not a dinosaur." (referring to animals laying eggs)

~ heard Yakee was tying his Pappie up so he can't go to work... awawa, miss ang tatay! (hubs has been working real late kc)

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