Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sick Baby

He was a little down after eating at Don Vito, that last night in Boracay. But he was frolicking at the beach again the following day.

Then, Sunday night in Kalibo, he was already warm. Warm again Monday and then he started having 39-degree fevers Tuesday. The fever would go on and off, and now, the highest it's been is only 38. But i've had him massaged by Tita Evelyn and hope it was just really viral or pilay that got him. He's not nauseous and lethargic, he has appetite and plays, and I am actually allowing more TV so he'd stay seated for longer periods of time.

Meanwhile, i've finished uploading his Boracay pics. And meanwhile, he's at that stage when any little thing frightens him. Irrational fears that he never had before... now he'd even cry because of someone shouting in a commercial.


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