Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

Mommy found this P35 board book at Booksale. Little Drummer Boy seems to really appeal to you, validating Mommy's intuition. You asked me to read it to you early this morning when you woke up. Then you went back to sleep again.

It's perfect for the upcoming Holidays as well.


You're loving Pappie's pasalubongs so much that I worry you might be getting spoiled for them. For two nights now, you'd eat your dinner fast because you wanted to get the chocolate and cake :)


Your grandparents and titos and titas all loved your Rockstar videos :) Lolo Indo is even asking for more and everyone's telling us to cultivate your natural interest in music :)

You also love Barney and Kidsongs sooooo much these days.


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