Monday, September 27, 2010

My Sweet Child

Last night, I started getting dizzy so I had to hurry your bath so I can give you to your father while I hurriedly lay down. Pappie was the one who read to you and though you didn't like it, accepted that he'd only read one book (as he still had work to do).

You started asking for the usual stuff that you've been lately asking for, like a song from Mommy, for Mommy to sleep beside you (or if you can join me in the big bed already) and meme. Mommy explained that Mommy really isn't feeling well and said sorry. You sat up, said "It's ok, Mommy." and touched my foot. Then you settled down in bed.

Mommy woke up at past 12 and wasn't able to sleep again. Around 3 AM, when Mommy came up again after her nth wiwi break, you started stirring and Mommy decided to lie down beside you. You turned to Mommy and asked, "You better?" and that was the sweetest, sweetest thing.

I love you, Yakee. I know Mommy's been short with you a lot of times and that she can be a better Mom... but she really knows how blessed she is to have you for a child.

Friday, September 24, 2010

You and Harry Potter

I started watching the HP movies and so, of course, you got exposed to them.

You generally say, "Hairy Potter" and I don't know why because am sure I say HARRY right.

Chamber of Secrets is "Hairy Potter and the Big Snake" for you. Prisoner of Azkaban is ""Hairy Potter and the Flying Mumu."

Of the lot, your fave is CoS because it has giant spiders, the big snake, and Dobby plus the flying car and 'angry tree.' Of course, you also like Goblet of Fire 'coz of the dragon.

You keep forgetting Harry's name (you weird boy) and refer to Hermione as "the pretty girl." You refer to Ginny and Luna as "other pretty girls" and refer to Hagrid as "the giant, like me" because we told you how you were named after him.

You sometimes pretend to have a wand and have actually mastered the art of shouting "Ridikulus" :) And sometimes you tell me you want us to read Harry Potter... so I tell you that you have some 8 more years of growing to do.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yakee's Milestones

You have been sleeping mostly on your own for almost a month now. We made your bed August 11 and asked you to sleep there and you did, without fuss and fanfare. About a week into the arrangement you started asking to go back to the big bed but would still really sleep in your bed. And then sometimes you'd insist on having one of us sleep with you there. Pappie usually obliges you and just transfers to the big bed after you've fallen asleep. And then in the wee hours of the morning, you'd join us in the big bed, usually just before Pappie wakes up.

I welcome you into my arms when you do join us in the mornings because I do miss your warmth. Pappie and I have gotten used to having somebody separating us that we still sleep near the edge of the bed to make room for you.


Out of happiness last night, you thought to dive-push Mommy. Unfortunately, we were on the stairs and Mommy almost fell. Mommy was sooo scared and you could tell Mommy was really upset when Mommy scolded you about it.

When we settled down in your bed for bedtime reading, you chose the "I'm a big brother book" :)


Some of Mommy's FB status about you:

Mommy is turning son into a Potterhead. Ask Yakee what he likes and he'd say, "Hairy Potter and the Big Snake" :D

Mommy wondered aloud what Yakee will wear to a costume bday party and hubs said to ask Yakee. He asked Yakee, "What do you want your costume to be, baby?" to which Yakee replied, "A butterfly!" SILENCE FOLLOWED then Pappie asked, "What's your next option mahal?" to which Yakee replied, "Uhmmm... a bee!" (ask Yakee pala ha!!!)

Mommy was showing the linea negra on her tummy to Yakee, and he says, "wow, like a fireman's pole"

Mommy left her son to watch a centipede in the sink, he used the end of his toothbrush to kill it. How mean! (really son, I hope you'd learn to be gentle with creatures... we only kill mice and cockroaches!)

Yakee turned to me and said, "Mommy where are the girls? I want the girls." (yung Miss U pageant) :D (You still like watching the opening to see the girls in national costumes 'coz you like the ones in butterfly outfits)

Yakee singing the Toy Story theme song..."I forgot a friend in me... I forgot a friend in me..."

realized there are things a mother's love can't deliver... like Yakee asking her to make him a girl :D (this was because you wanted to play with Tita Grace's makeup and Ninang Gang told you it's only for girls)


You look more like Pappie when your hair was longer, but now that it's cut clean, you look more like Mommy.

You also seemed to be gaining more weight with Pedzinc and Incremin but you like Vidaylin vitamins and haven't gotten sick since you started on that. Mommy's just having issues with your constipation, usually coz of grapes and partly coz of potty training (as you won't poop without a diaper on)

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