Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Wonder and Tears

Saturday, Mommy was gone the whole day. Pappie said you were behaved most of the time. I won a small prize with bubbles and gave it to you immediately after coming home. Of course, you loved the bubbles and proceeded to empty the small container. After it's all used up, you said..."Aha! Idea... water!" :)

Pappie was so happy!


Read to you the book, "Naku, Naku, Naku" which is about an older brother worried about what to expect with a new baby. You loved it. And you somehow know that Mommy has a baby inside her tummy as well. :)

Also read to you "Luis and the Enchanted Creatures" and you also loved it. Unfortunately, you kept on insisting that the kapre is Pappie. Hehe.


Sunday we attended Maico's baptism. You cried at least four times during the afternoon. First, we suspect Zach might have made gigil. Second, you thought Nicole didn't want you to play with them when she was telling you not to go into the playhouse yet (she was clearing the balls). The third was when Elissa closed the door and Mommy and Pappie weren't in the playroom with you. The fourth was when somebody closed the door again. :)

At Paco Park, you cried when you went ahead and Mommy and Pappie were lost in conversation and turned towards the Chapel and you went straight ahead. I guess you were scared when you looked back and didn't find us there.

You also cried when you stepped forcefully on a kneeler which toppled a pew chair over. It landed on your shoulder. At first, I thought it was Pappie who made the pew topple and I couldn't get to you fast enough. Good thing you didn't fall badly to hit your head on the next pew. There is a mark on your left shoulder now though but you can paddle and splash and clap normally enough.


And then last night, because you weren't cooperating and we were enforcing the rule that such kids aren't welcome in bed, you also cried of course. But you did sleep readily after being disciplined.

I guess you could say, it wasn't the best of days for you. But you were laughing a lot during the day still.


I couldn't wake you up this morning for your swimming lessons and it resulted in tears because you refused to get moving. You were wonderful in the water but threw a tantrum when you didn't get to walk and kick roots at Plaza Dilao. You refused to walk, budge, stand or be carried at the edge of the road. I was torn between being super hungry and leaving you there, and being worried that we might have an accident involving a car.

And then you refused to have Mommy give you a bath soon after getting home.

And then you started crying because Tito Jun closed the door at the other house, thinking you won't be able to eat.

So yeah darling, not a good start to the week either.


You were very resourceful yesterday though. You didn't wait to be given fish food for the koi at Congo Grille. You fed them with rice off your pants instead.

Friday, April 23, 2010

No Updates Doesn't Mean No Milestones

Mommy has just really been busy about being pregnant, Baby. Mommy is often sick and dizzy and weak and restless.

I am sad to say, it has affected our relationship, causing a strain to it as you grow more energetic and engaging and demanding. I do feel bad about our time being compromised but I guess this is your first lesson on the other side of what makes a family a family: the sacrifices.

In the earlier days of this month, I would often have no energy to read to you at night, so I'd just read one book and call it a night. But I started feeling better as we both got better and finished our medicines. We have even established a new morning routine: I will take off your socks and you will take off mine. That's on top of the kisses and sometimes morning reading.

You're on vitamins everyday now, per your latest pedia's advice. she also kept giving you lollipops when we visit so now you're actually always excited at the prospect of going to the doctor's. The last time we were there, while Mommy was also consulting with her OB, you told Ninang about how delicious and tasty the lollipop is, and refused to give Ninang a taste. You told her to go to the doctor instead.

You still love your candy medicine, the Montemax chewable one, and we're down to our last four. I guess you just really love the thought of having candy.

Just last night, because Mommy was really not in the mood and you were making it hard for Mommy to dress you up again, Mommy turned out the lights on us without reading to you and putting socks on you. Poor you, you slept holding your socks. I did put them on you when I woke up just now. And I vow to be more consistent in my discipline of you now so that you'd cooperate better.

You still navigate the entire bed when you sleep, causing Pappie and me our sleep sometimes because you like curling up in the most inappropriate of places.

You started swimming lessons again last Wednesday. I think the long wait and anticipation got you super excited, you refused to listen to the instructors. You kept kicking in the water and giggling. Mommy really hopes to survive this.

But darling, do know that I love you. More than life itself. And I am proud that you're getting used to wearing briefs now. I just have to remember to make you pee in the potty every hour because you still don't tell me in advance that you're going to pee.

I am also happy that you somehow seem to have an idea that Yamee is a baby inside Mommy's tummy. And do know it breaks my heart when I have to turn you away or Pappie has to scold you to stay away from Mommy because you're being overly rough on Mommy (all your dancing makes Mommy nauseated aside from you always ending up hurting Mommy). I hope you will master your own strength someday because you really are a strong boy.

2 feet, 10 inches tall and 12.2 kgs. You wear a size 24 shoe.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Sorry Look and PJ Milestone

Tuesday or Wednesday night, I think, you asked for hot milk. But you were watching the TV and not minding your cup and managed to spill all the milk. You said sorry in the saddest voice, while signing as well. I couldn't scold about you not minding your cup because I was nauseous. And Pappie didn't scold you either and just cleaned up the mess.


On our way to Laiya last Friday, you probably started feeling woozy and couldn't quite tell me. You grew quiet though. Then you hugged Mommy and barfed. I started barfing as well, of course.

Then you started saying sorry with the sorriest of faces. Pappie and I didn't scold you and reassured you many times that it's ok. I mean, we couldn't really scold you anyway for feeling sick. And mommy kept hugging you.


Now, when you're misbehaving, miscalculating or there was truly an accident, you give us that sorry routine: repeatedly saying sorry with the saddest of faces, the sorriest of voices and signing. So even when you actually deserve a scolding, I couldn't have a go at it anymore and just end up telling you "I Love You" but you have to be more careful.


I went up for a while tonight and when I got back down, I saw you with one leg already in one pyjama pant leg. You have somehow figured out that you could do this all by yourself so I allowed you to finish the job. I did show you the pant opening so you could get your other leg in.

Then I gave you the shirt and you put it on all by yourself. I had to help you when you mistakenly put your arm through the neckhole but you really managed to dress yourself tonight.

I was so proud I teared up.

Growing boy, that's what you are!

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