Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jollibee Uh-Oh

Last Saturday, we had my sister and her boyfriend bring Yakee to Jollibee to eat breakfast while hubs and I attended the Pedia Talk.

This morning, Yakee woke up when I was about to take a bath because I was going out. He was actually jolly enough and the minute he was downstairs, he started going for the door, wanting to go out and saying "Jollibee" again and again.


I was tempted to give them money for Jollibee but hubs reminded me it won't be a good practice. Anyway, buying lugaw was diversion enough. I guess he just really liked going out.


Despite some tantrums when you're uber sleepy or you want to play, you've been pretty mellower lately, baby Yakee. Love you!


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