Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hitting Mommy

Mommy knows you're usually just frustrated. And though we haven't made a habit of spanking and hitting you to discipline you, we've still done it enough times for you to maybe think it's an acceptable way to express yourself.

Lately, when Mommy refuses to let ypu continue nursing (basically because you're just playing anyway), you sometimes tend to hit. One night, Pappie saw you doing it. I was conversing with you, reminding you that doing that won't get you what you want and would further make Mommy ignore your pleas. Pappie asked me if he did that often. I smiled to myself because I felt the need to lie to protect you and defend you, but I told him the truth and explained you the best way I can.

Pappie said he's going to spank you for hitting me. Because it breaks his heart to see anyone hurting me, even if you're not hitting me hard.

Now, Pappie may sometimes end up hitting you or spanking you because you're getting carried away with the aggression. But do know this, Pappie loves me so much, not even you are allowed to lay a hand on me.

You are very lucky that way. Someday, you will realize how so.


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