Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Siomai Baby

Yesterday, while walking to SM Manila, I asked you if you wanted waffles and you said YES. I reminded you that you should say PLEASE also and you said, YES PLEASE. And then after some pause, you said, WAFFLE AND SIOMAI PLEASE. Haha. So Mommy had no choice but let you snack on both. When told about it, Pappie was super happy and proud.

I think we have siomai at least twice a week now ever since you fell in love with it and started asking for it. It's not that you eat much of it, but it's really the only form meat comes in that you like all the time.


First visit to the dentist today too. You were excited and though a little apprehensive when made to sit on the dentist chair, you were behaved. You also opened your mouth accordingly. Mommy is happy that you don't have dental carries and that you have a nice set of teeth.


You always refer to eating at Jollibee too eventhough there's really nothing there that you LOVE eating. You call KFC "chicken" and we eat there more.


You still love wearing shades. And Mommy has bought you a paint set because you liked painting last weekend with your cousins. Yes, Mommy is facing the mess!!!


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