Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weekend Wonder

Mommy still has to do some minor editing on your video, but you were outstandingly hyper last Saturday night/early morning (from all the ice cream) as you danced for Ninang Sancha. Actually, I feel you were more into seeing yourself on cam than actually performing for her. :)

Plus, Pappie did say that you were generally well-behaved last Saturday while with him. You even allowed us to watch our shows and we spent bonding time just sleeping.


Yesterday marked another milestone for you. You sat at the back of Maxime without Mommy and didn't sleep at all in the car. Looked to Mommy like you were playing pretend already, based on the expression in your eyes, your quiet smiles, and the way you'd sometimes just say "Weeeh" when we're going fast on the highway.

You also loved seeing Lolo and playing ball with your cousins in Lipa. *mwah*


One of the more perfect moments from the weekend was waking up to your kisses and then seeing you lying on the floor, on your front, and reading your dinosaur book just after waking up.


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