Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hyper Even In Sleep

Back when you were still co-sleeping with us, we already had a problem with how you'd cram us towards the edge of the bed (or wall) and end up kicking us in various places as you just change positions many times during the night.

Now, after you got your own bed, you seemed to take to the bigger space like fish to water. It's not unusual to have some parts of you literally spilling over onto the floor in your sleep.

The problem now is when you join us in the big bed, you somehow tend to be as freely moving in our bed as yours, so we get kicked all the more. I literally have to push you or roll you just for breathing space, or to avoid your kicks.

Even in sleep, you can't quite be still.


Love you, tomorrow is your birthday. Can't believe I have been loving you for three years now (plus the months you were inside my tummy).


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