Monday, September 27, 2010

My Sweet Child

Last night, I started getting dizzy so I had to hurry your bath so I can give you to your father while I hurriedly lay down. Pappie was the one who read to you and though you didn't like it, accepted that he'd only read one book (as he still had work to do).

You started asking for the usual stuff that you've been lately asking for, like a song from Mommy, for Mommy to sleep beside you (or if you can join me in the big bed already) and meme. Mommy explained that Mommy really isn't feeling well and said sorry. You sat up, said "It's ok, Mommy." and touched my foot. Then you settled down in bed.

Mommy woke up at past 12 and wasn't able to sleep again. Around 3 AM, when Mommy came up again after her nth wiwi break, you started stirring and Mommy decided to lie down beside you. You turned to Mommy and asked, "You better?" and that was the sweetest, sweetest thing.

I love you, Yakee. I know Mommy's been short with you a lot of times and that she can be a better Mom... but she really knows how blessed she is to have you for a child.


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