Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Boy

Tito Trek lugged the heavy water container for the water dispenser and you said, "Wow, wonderful. Very good!"

We all smiled and Tito Trek said that it's only from you that he gets stuff like that, appreciation for the little things.

And then he related how he was scolding Iya last night and you came in between them, held his face and told him "It's ok Tito, it's ok." meaning for him to stop. Ninang Ira related that you did the same when she was scolding Iya yesterday.

I love how you're trying to play peacemaker. I love that you realize when something wrong was done and try to avert any scolding or disciplining. I love that you validate others and seek validation yourself all the time. I love how it's a testament to how secure you are and how secure we've made you feel.

You are still learning to be good, but I know, and others validate... that you ARE a good boy.


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