Monday, April 5, 2010

The Sorry Look and PJ Milestone

Tuesday or Wednesday night, I think, you asked for hot milk. But you were watching the TV and not minding your cup and managed to spill all the milk. You said sorry in the saddest voice, while signing as well. I couldn't scold about you not minding your cup because I was nauseous. And Pappie didn't scold you either and just cleaned up the mess.


On our way to Laiya last Friday, you probably started feeling woozy and couldn't quite tell me. You grew quiet though. Then you hugged Mommy and barfed. I started barfing as well, of course.

Then you started saying sorry with the sorriest of faces. Pappie and I didn't scold you and reassured you many times that it's ok. I mean, we couldn't really scold you anyway for feeling sick. And mommy kept hugging you.


Now, when you're misbehaving, miscalculating or there was truly an accident, you give us that sorry routine: repeatedly saying sorry with the saddest of faces, the sorriest of voices and signing. So even when you actually deserve a scolding, I couldn't have a go at it anymore and just end up telling you "I Love You" but you have to be more careful.


I went up for a while tonight and when I got back down, I saw you with one leg already in one pyjama pant leg. You have somehow figured out that you could do this all by yourself so I allowed you to finish the job. I did show you the pant opening so you could get your other leg in.

Then I gave you the shirt and you put it on all by yourself. I had to help you when you mistakenly put your arm through the neckhole but you really managed to dress yourself tonight.

I was so proud I teared up.

Growing boy, that's what you are!


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