Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toilet Humor And Success

At SM Manila, you insisted on following Ninang to the ladies room. Curious about all the girls going in and out of the cubicles, you told Ninang, "Why are they hiding ha, Ninang? Why are they hiding? They scared? It's ok, let's wait. We'll hide too."


Ninang removed your diaper because she found poop in it. You were raging about it so I said that you might not yet be finished. Then she didn't put a diaper on you just yet, since we are toilet training you.

You weren't finished yet, just like what Mommy thought and you told Ninang you're going to poop. You succesfully pooped in the toilet bowl but wasn't used to really pooping that way so Ninang got you off the bowl when you were still straining. So a poop particle fell on the CR floor and you were scandalized by that. After washing you and sending you off to the bed to wait for her, you had another accident on the floor. You got scandalized again.

Still, that's a potty success right there. We really just have to get you used to your potty chair so you can take all the time you need to poop properly.


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