Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shiny, Happy People

Your favorite video now is Elmo Loves You, and your fave song there is the Furry, Happy Monsters song which is a parody of the REM song Shiny, Happy People. You can watch the video more than 3 times a day if we'd let you.


When Pappie was sick and I told you he's going to the doctor, you asked if he's going to get a lollipop. When I told you that he's going to a different doctor, you asked if he's still getting a lollipop. When I told you that only kids like you get lollipops from doctors, you asked if Pappie will get you a lollipop from the doctor.

Yes... you are a fan of lollies.


When you overheard Mommy saying to Pappie that she bought a storybook on child abuse, you said, "Wow, child abuse!"


You were dynamic and hyper and all kinds of handful and lovely in Marinduque.


You slept at a weird position in the car yesterday and didn't wake after Mommy got off. An MMDA tried apprehending your Pappie for 'swerving' but saw you sprawled on the seat and took pity on you, and let Pappie go.

Later, Pappie found a backhoe that's broken near his office. He let you sit in it and play with the levers. You were so happy.


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