Sunday, January 3, 2010

Funny, Crazy Boy

We're back home darling son. All in all, you were pretty behaved the entire Holidays. There were moments when we struggled but all in all, we both had fun. And everybody just loved how you'd always look for me... in complete sentences even.

Anyway, we were at Lipa earlier for the barrio fiesta. You loved goto and ran after dogs and your older cousins. You also binged on enough candy to last you a year. You also squashed chicks and ducklings because you were so happy with them. And you say HI to everyone, even to me after waking up, even to Pappie when you're crying.

During dinner, you cried happily, "Jollibee!" but it was really KFC that we were eating. Haha. And when Mommy asked you not to watch TV so near, you took out your binoculars and tried watching the TV that way (with the lens making the TV farther away from you). And taking your cue from Pluto, you licked Mommy's face and I feel you'd be doing a lot of that in the coming days.

Oh, you loved playing with clay so am going to buy you some. At least now I know you won't eat it. You still love books, you still love coloring, you still love playing instruments.

Another really adorable thing you do now is reading letters aloud. Of course, it's still a hit and miss thing but while on the road, you'd pretend to be reading aloud the letters in billboards and signs. That's a great sign because it suggests interest in letters.

Oh, and it was always heartbreaking for you when Ate Lianne and Iya try banning you from their play or refuse to share toys. But you, you've always been pretty generous with your toys, like your bubble gun and remote control car. :)

One last story... peddlers were trying to capitalize as usual on kids and their parents' inability to really refuse them so one was tempting you with his goods and Pappie wanted to buy you something. He said, though, that you should ask Mommy first if you can buy. You said, "Mommy, awahu" (i love you)


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