Monday, July 19, 2010

Big Boy You

Yesterday, you went with Ninang Ira, Tito Trek and Iya to the birthday party of Iya's classmate. And I heard you had lots of fun and ate lots too. It was a little bittersweet watching you leave with them without a fuss, just excited about the party you're going to.

Pappie was having a more difficult time letting you go... told him this was another sign that you really aren't a baby anymore because you're stepping out of comfort zones, like not having Mommy around. I just hope, it's because Mommy and Pappie have always been there that you're more secure about being away from us.

Love you baby. You just caught Ninang's expression "Infernes" :)


Ninang Ira said while playing with so many balls, you said, "This is so fun."

And then at the elevator, when we were going up to the waiting room at the hospital, you said, "I'm so happy today."

It's wrong for Mommy to take credit but I really think it's because of the quality of your relationships that you can express such feelings.


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